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The Criminal Three-dimensional Prevention And Control Of Telecommunications Network Fraud Crimes

Posted on:2020-09-06Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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In recent years,in order to protect network security and people's properties,as also to response to the high rate of telecom network fraud,China passed amendments to the criminal code(iv)and related judicial explanations.In this paper,the author tries to find ways to reduce the telecom network fraud crime through analysis on the legislation and judicial regulation in our country and studies on the experience of combating network crime in other countries.Firstly,new criminal skills cause hard to distinguish different types of telecom network fraud crime.This paper divides forms of this kind of crime.Then the author introduce the the concept of big data and protective effect of the big data and govern telecom network fraud by building up an all-around crime prevention and treatment system.Secondly,this article introduce the realistic predicament and the problem-solving method of governing the telecom network fraud crime in China in legislation and judicature.Chinese legislature should integrate the law and solve the problem of individual information protection and data-security legislation.Chinese judicial organ had many problems in the process of prosecution and reconnoitre and how we solve them.In the social governance side,we should establish specialised cyber crime coordination center and international institutions of cooperation to fight against the cyber crime.We hope to reduce the crime rate of telecom network fraud crime by improving legislation,the judiciary and the social governance way,then we can realize the safeguard of peple's property and social economic order.
Keywords/Search Tags:telecom and Internet fraud crime, big data, all-around crime prevention and treatment system
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