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Research On The Legal Issues Of Administrative Supervision Of Training Institutions Outside Of Primary And Secondary Schools

Posted on:2021-01-24Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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After school institution for primary and secondary school in the national education system are the complement to basic education.Students'enrollment in these programs have become an independent social phenomenon since the 1980s and 1990s.In 2013,several of these after-school institutions jointly issued a set of guidelines to govern themselves.This system of supervision can be traced back to 1993.The modern after-school educational system has taken shape,while at the same time,the legal system has consolidated.This article analyzes the laws and regulations governing after-school programs through a holistic and contemporary lens,observing existing problems and exploring the legal issues in the administrative supervision of them.The first chapter gives an overview of the legality of after-school institutions through a hierarchical view.From the perspective of administrative supervision,the concept definition and legal status of these schools are explored.From the perspective of regulating the market sector,balancing education ecology and implementing educational policy necessitates administrative supervision.According to the direct application of regulatory norms,and the resulting training institutions for primary and secondary schools.The regulatory effect of private education is analyzed in chronological order,and the supervision history of primary and secondary school training institutions is divided into three stages:undifferentiated supervision stage(1989-2007),indirect supervision stage(2008-2017).Particular supervision stage(2017-).The second chapter starts from the perspective of the administrative supervision system,roughly decomposing the current status of administrative supervision of training institutions outside and in primary and middle schools into several aspects such as the basis of supervision,the objects of supervision,the main body of supervision,the contents of supervision and the way of supervision.The third chapter illustrates some legal problems existing in the administrative supervision of training institutions out of school for primary and secondary students.The problems contains administrative supervision legal problems in the macro regulatory basis system,market access system,micro-level regulatory content and regulatory methods,and there should be two or three more typical problems that are going to be analyzed in detail.The last chapter proposes corresponding countermeasures to the problems discussed above,included:perfecting the top-level design of the legal system for supervision of after-school institutions,strengthening the long-term mechanism for local governance measures,and improving the substantive review mechanism of regulatory documents to improve their administration.It is also essential to implement the requirements of decentralized service to those institutions,to establish information sharing mechanisms,to improve the access for students,to establish a quality supervision system for teaching services,and to refine teaching management.Last but not least,improving law enforcement,canceling annual inspections,complementing accident supervision mechanism are the key points to reinforce legal supervision to the after-school institutions.
Keywords/Search Tags:After school institution, Administrative supervision, The regulatory history, The regulatory status, Perfection mechanism
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