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Research On The Problems And Countermeasures Of The Construction Of The Village Style Civilization In T Town, Beibei District, Chongqing City

Posted on:2021-03-15Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2436330611462595Subject:Public Administration
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The report of 19 th National Congress of Communist Party of China proposed that the thriving businesses,pleasant living environment,social etiquette and civility,effective governance and prosperity.To implement the strategy of rural vitalization was put forward in No.1 Central Document in 2018,‘the suggestion of CPC Central Commitee and the State Council on the implementation of the rural vitalization',is one of the major strategies,a historic task with realization of a well-off life and wide-range implications for building a modern socialist China.Among them,social etiquette and civility promotes governance in cultural aspect,in the meantime,maximize rural economic development,cultural advances and social process.It provides support to flourish rural society,improve educational level of rural people and speed up the rural businesses.This article takes T town of Beibei District of Chongqing City as the research object,and uses literature research,interviews,questionnaire surveys,comparative analysis and other methods to study the status and effectiveness,existing problems,and causes of the township civilization construction in T town,and then proposes thoughts and countermeasures to improve the level of rural civilization construction.The research contents consists of six chapters,which are divided into four aspects: introduction,theoretical part,empirical part,and countermeasure conclusion part.The specific research contents are as follows: Chapter One is the introduction,which puts forward the research background and significance of this article,collates and reviews the research status at home and abroad,defines the research ideas and methods of this article,and explores possible innovations in the research.The second chapter is the theoretical reference and conceptual definition,explaining Maslow's hierarchy of needs theory,new public service theory,urban-rural integration theory,and rural governance theory.And analyze the applicability of the above theories to this article,and lay the theoretical foundation for the study of this article;define the concepts of rural civilization,rural civilization construction,urban-rural junction and other concepts;Chapter three is a description of the current situation of the civilization construction of T town,including Its construction subjects,measures,results,and basic experience;Chapter four analyzes the problems and reasons of the rural civilization construction of T town;Chapter 5 addresses the difficult problems of urban and rural integration of the rural civilization construction,and proposes main thoughts and countermeasures to improve the level of the rural civilization construction.Chapter six is the research conclusions and prospects,summarizes the full text of the study as a whole,draws the corresponding research conclusions,and looking forward to the future.The main conclusions of this article are as follows:(1)Rural style civilization is the core and soul of the rural revitalization strategy.The construction of rural style civilization is an important part of the implementation of the rural revitalization strategy.(2)The essence of the construction of rural customs is that people purposefully create,promote,and build rural customs,and continuously improve the spiritual style of farmers and the degree of rural social civilization.(3)The T town has achieved good results in overall planning and coordination,public participation,and sustainable development through measures such as consolidating cultural stations,beautifying the rural environment,and enriching the cultural and sports activities of the masses.(4)The township civilization construction in T town also faces problems such as low moral recognition in the rural areas,backward leisure methods,insufficient youth participation,insufficient social participation,and imbalance in cultural supply and demand.(5)To improve the level of rural civilization construction in the urban-rural junction,it is necessary to integrate the power of government,masses,and society,and continue to work hard form different aspects.The innovation of this research shows the object on a small town,emphasis in urban fringe area.To conclude and analyze the problems and reasons of rural civilization by the trend of semi-urbanization and semi-citizenization and to raise the countermeasures efficiently.The only flaw is lack of empirical analysis on influence factor in the process of promoting rural urbanization.
Keywords/Search Tags:social etiquette and civility, urban revitalization, urban fringe area, urban-rual integration
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