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Comparison Of China And Western Consultative Democracy Systems

Posted on:2021-05-09Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2436330623467083Subject:International politics
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The theory of deliberative democracy originated in the Western world,but the practice of deliberative democracy has been practiced in China from the perspective of genetics for more than 70 years.In the past 10 years or so,driven by the theoretical research of the majority of scholars,the normative connotation of the deliberative democracy theory has been clarified.On this basis,the practice of deliberative democracy with Chinese characteristics has flourished on the vast land of China.Vigorously developing consultative democracy and arranging it with electoral democracy as one of the two important forms of socialist democracy in my country has become a consensus in academia and political life.The major report of the Eighteenth World Congress of the Communist Party of China clearly proposes to improve the socialist consultative democratic system and promote the development of consultative democracy in a broad,multi-layered and institutionalized manner.The report of the Nineteenth National Congress of the Communist Party of China also proposed to strengthen the building of a consultative democratic system,to form a complete system of procedures and participation practices,and to ensure that people have the right to participate extensively and continuously in their daily lives.It can be seen that the party's confidence and determination to develop consultative democracy are very firm.So what are the consensus and differences between my country's deliberative democracy and Western deliberative democracy? How to better understand the difference between consultative democracy with Chinese characteristics and western consultative democracy,and at the same time to learn from the experience of other countries,in order to better promote the practice of socialist consultative democracy with Chinese characteristics,is a field that must be opened up for the study of consultative democracy.To this end,this article intends to make a brief comparison of the Chinese and Western deliberative democratic systems and practices,find out the characteristics of the Chinese and Western from their concepts,theories and practices,and then put forward some suggestions for the development of Chinese deliberative democracy.The thesis arranges the contents of four chapters.The first chapter introduces the conceptual issues of Chinese and Western deliberative democracy and clarifies the respective background and connotation concepts of Chinese and Western deliberative democracy.The second chapter compares the theoretical level of Chinese and Western deliberative democracy and analyzes the two.The similarities and differences in terms of time background,core concepts,theoretical starting points,etc.;Chapter III,at the practical level,analyzes the participants,negotiation topics,negotiation platforms,negotiation procedures and guarantee mechanisms of Chinese and Western deliberative democracy,and then Find out the characteristics of China and the West.Chapter 4 summarizes the significance of Chinese and Western deliberative democracy to both,draws on the advantages of Western deliberative democracy and raises some issues that need attention in the development of deliberative democracy in my country.Through comparison,systematically elaborate the commonalities and differences between Chinese and Western deliberative democracy,and on this basis,put forward corresponding opinions on the further development of my country's deliberative democracy,with a view to throwing bricks and jade to provide a certain reference for future research.
Keywords/Search Tags:Consultative Democracy, Socialism with Chinese Characteristics, Western Consultative Democracy
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