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An Analysis Of Marx's Monetary Thought

Posted on:2021-05-31Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2436330626453933Subject:Basic principles of Marxism
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Marx's monetary thought occupies an important position in Marx's political economy.It is an important part of Marx's labor theory of value and an important theoretical basis of the theory of surplus value.The study of Marx's monetary thought has profound theoretical value and urgent practical needs.In the all-embracing contemporary monetary economy,how to understand and treat currency has been a topic of discussion.Marx's monetary thought is conducive to a systematic and overall understanding of money,as well as a correct understanding and solution of the contradictions caused by money in the current realistic society.On the basis of the existing research and combining with Marx's textual research on currency,this paper focuses on the practical problems and makes some thinking and research.The construction of Marx's monetary thought is based on abundant theoretical resources,including classical political economy,western philosophy and utopian socialism.Different from previous monetary theories,Marx's monetary thoughts are profound in content.Marx's understanding of currency is not only in the dimension of economics,but also in the level of social relations in reality.The emergence and development of money is a historical process,it is the form of exchange value evolved,its essence is the materialization of social relations between people.As a special commodity of general equivalent,money plays the basic functions of measuring commodity value,Commodity Exchange medium and transferring storage,and it represents social material wealth.However,people's insatiable greed for wealth alienated money into a controlling alien force,and money was shaped into an omnipotent god and worshiped by people.The alienation of money to people is more and more incisively and vividly under the capitalist production relations.When money generates value appreciation in circulation,money is converted into capital.Money is the primary form of capital,and the capitalization of money is the inevitable result of the development of productive forces.In today's advanced information age,Marx's monetary thought still plays an irreplaceable role.The trend of money worship prevails in all aspects of the society.Marx's monetary thought reveals its deep logic and points out the direction to get rid of the bondage of money and realize the free and comprehensive development of hu-man beings.We should also see that the social function of money in the process of social development is prominent,and a correct understanding of the positive effect of money is conducive to better play the role of money in economic development;Based on Marx's thought of money and the reality of China's social development,we can clearly see the profound change of value brought by money.At the same time,curren-cy also plays a role in promoting the formation of world markets.World mark-ets and currencies have been moving forward in their interactions.
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