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Research On The Moderating Effect Of The Management Freedom Of The Government Project Leadership Team From The Perspective Of Power Allocation

Posted on:2021-01-09Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2436330626455106Subject:Administrative Management
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The aviation sports industry is one of the important emerging sports industry.The development of aviation sports is an important measure for the supply-side structural reform of the sports industry,which is of great significance to promote the comprehensive and coordinated development of the economy and society.And aviation sports events and performances are one of the most important ways to showcase the aviation sports industry.It popularizes aviation knowledge to the public through the competition performance and shortens the distance between aviation and the masses.Government projects are temporary activities undertaken by the government for specific times(such as major exchange events,large-scale sports events,etc.).We found that in the government project,the established power allocation does not contain all the issues,which leads to the leadership team's decision-making and behavior patterns are too rigid,and there are many uncertain factors and unexpected events that cannot be involved in the project process.The leadership team needs to take action and decision-making through managerial discretion,which has played a positive role in improving organizational effectiveness.Therefore,based on the Upper Echelon Theory and Contingency Management Theory as the theoretical basis,based on the empirical analysis of the government project case “Y City Aviation Sports Culture Tourism Festival”,analyzes the present status and problems related to the power allocation and managerial discretion of the leadership team in the case,and uses the grounded theory research method to derive the Moderation Model of the leadership team managerial discretion.Leadership team's power allocation from organizational structure,the core leaders and public accountability three aspects to analyze,study their impact on organizational effectiveness;And from the leadership,expert reputation and resource operation three dimensions study of managerial discretion.The managerial discretion is taken as the moderating variable into the model,and the empirical research is carried out to explore the moderating effect of the managerial discretion on the relationship between the power allocation and organizational effectiveness of the leadership team.The theoretical model is further verified by the questionnaire survey method.Research shows that the power allocation of the leadership team has a positive impact on organizational effectiveness;managerial discretion is positively moderating therelationship between the power allocation and organizational effectiveness of the leadership team.Obviously,it is very important to grant the leadership team a certain degree of managerial discretion in government projects,which is conducive to promoting the improvement of organizational effectiveness.Finally,this paper proposes to improve the quality characteristics of the leadership team,strengthen the core leadership of the leadership team,enhance the transparency of the power allocation of the leadership team.And improve the overall managerial discretion of the leadership team,grant appropriate personnel managerial discretion,grasping the use of the managerial discretion and the support of the external environment,etc.Last but not least,this paper put forward some suggestions for the promotion of public institutions,temporary public organizations and other direction's leadership teams.
Keywords/Search Tags:Government projects, Leadership team, Power allocation, Managerial discretion, Organizational effectiveness
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