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Research On Curriculum Construction Of Newly-built Applied Undergraduate Colleges In Shaanxi Province

Posted on:2019-11-16Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:C ZhengFull Text:PDF
GTID:2437330548965303Subject:Higher Education
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As the internal and external of higher education institutes change,there have been pilot works in this field done in Shaanxi province since 2014.New application-oriented undergraduate colleges have seen transformational development,which pushes the reformation of application-oriented talents into the exploring era.In this reformation,the curricula construction is an important elements.Currently,the studies of curricula construction in this field is relatively fewer.This thesis makes a discussion about the curricula construction of Shaanxi province's undergraduate colleges' application-oriented reformation.In this thesis,German applied technology universities are used as examples,and newly established application-oriented undergraduate colleges are used as samples,with curricula construction of three public application-oriented universities serve as priority in this thesis.the starting point is actual situation of the curricula construction,and this thesis finds that there are flaws in them and offers effective strategies in addressing the flaws in their curricula construction.In this thesis,the following approaches are used:document,text analysis,cases study,questionnaire.This thesis is guided by major theories in curricula and the changes in views of curricula and policy in curricula construction.The situations of the development in curricula constructions of three application-oriented public undergraduate colleges(A,B,C).The starting point is analyzing the texts related to curricula and the surveying the receivers of the curricula,and the subjects of this thesis are:the structure of the curricula,the aim of the curricula,the content of the curricula,the enforcement of the curricula,the evaluation of the curricula,which are surveyed and studied in depth,and the the flaws and the reasons of those flaws of application-oriented undergraduate colleges in Shaanxi province are summed up and be specific,in macro level,there are the following flaws:regime of reformation,regime of classification management,the lack of regime in the cooperation of academy and the micro level,there are flaws in the following aspects:the aim of curricula,content of curricula,the enforcement of curricula,evaluation of the solve those problems,two approaches are advanced:macro-speaking:the construction of category-based development in curricula construction and academy-industry cooperation in practicing curricula.Micro-speaking:application should be prioritized in the content,enforcement and evaluation of curricula.
Keywords/Search Tags:new application-oriented undergraduate college, curricula, curricula construction
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