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Research On Countermeasures For Improving The Training Quality Of Logistics Professionals In S Secondary Vocational Schools

Posted on:2020-06-07Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2437330575493499Subject:Education Management
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Entering the era of knowledge economy,global economic competition is increasingly manifested as knowledge and intellectual competition.The effective development and quality improvement of human capital has become a major issue concerning the fundamental rejuvenation of the national economy and the long-term prosperity of the nation.High-quality talents with professional knowledge and technology are The real driving force for economic growth and economic development.At present,Suqian City is making efforts to build a one-core,five-zone,multi-node" logistics industry development pattern,taking the Canal Suqian Port Logistics Park as the development core,focusing on building Jiangsu Tonghu Logistics Park and Suqian E-commerce Logistics Park.The park will build a group of specialized logistics nodes such as Xiangyang Agricultural Products Logistics Industrial Park and Ganzhou E-commerce Logistics Park to provide more solid logistics support for the construction of "Strong Fumei High" comprehensive Xiaokang Xinsuqian.However,there is a serious shortage of logistics technicians,and the overall quality of labor is low.It is difficult to meet the demand for employment.The contradiction between supply and demand has gradually become the main contradiction in the labor market of Suqian logistics industry.Human capital can improve quality and production level through investment channels such as education and training.Based on the theory of human capital investment,the issue of training middle-level talents is not only an inherent requirement for the high-level construction of secondary vocational education,but also an intrinsic booster for the sustainable development of social economy..Vigorously developing secondary vocational education and cultivating applied,specialized and skilled talents are our wise choices to overcome the talent bottlenecks that may occur in the rapid development of the logistics industry in Suqian and to ensure the effective supply of human capital in the future.As the first secondary vocational school to establish logistics majors in Suqian City,S has accumulated some experience in the process of training logistics professionals.However,it also encountered problems and challenges.Under the premise of stable supply of existing logistics talents,Improving the quality of logistics personnel training to meet the needs of corporate society has become a new thinking point for school development.Through questionnaires,expert evaluations,interviews and other methods,this paper conducts an empirical investigation on the development status and employment needs of the logistics industry in Suqian City,collects the factual basis,and analyzes the current situation of the current professional qualifications of the secondary vocational logistics students and the employment needs.Combining with the training program of logistics professionals in secondary vocational schools,using the theory of human capital,the author puts forward the theoretical concept of cultivating human capital investment based on the industry and the human capital demand market-oriented,stimulating the investment vitality of the logistics professionals in the secondary vocational school and balancing the investment subjects.Optimize talent training investment content.According to the overall requirements of future economic development of Suqian City and the needs of industrial structure upgrading,the countermeasures and suggestions for improving the quality of logistics talent training in secondary vocational schools are given from the internal and external factors that affect the quality of talent training in schools:the internal factors,the specialization of schools as talent training In terms of places,it is necessary to clarify the training objectives of secondary vocational schools and optimize the training plan for talents;students,as the main body of human capital,self-depicted professional portraits and sound quality evaluation mechanisms.In terms of external factors,the government should strengthen the construction of vocational education system and balance government education expenditures;enterprises should strengthen school-enterprise cooperation and promote the integration of production and education to "double yuan";families should deeply participate in student training and unite home and school.Through the efforts of human capital,we will finally improve the overall quality of the logistics professional graduates,realize the human capital appreciation of secondary vocational students,improve the quality of personnel training,and maximize the effectiveness of students' human capital.
Keywords/Search Tags:Human capital, Secondary vocational school, Logistics, Quality of talent training
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