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Research On The Implementation Of Senior High School Career Curriculum From The Perspective Of Career Constructivism

Posted on:2020-05-12Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Since the 20 th century,career education has been carried out worldwide.Many countries have established a career education system from birth to adulthood.After the reform and opening up,the Chinese government recognized the importance of career education and issued a series of policies to promote the development of career education.However,due to various reasons,career education has not been widely implemented.With the gradual implementation of the "new college entrance examination" policy,people have realized the importance of career education in helping students choose courses and classes,career planning and application guidance,etc.,and career education in high school has been widely carried out.However,with the implementation of the curriculum,some problems are gradually exposed,such as: no unified curriculum standards,authoritative textbooks,teachers' own quality is difficult to meet the needs of students,etc.,affecting the effect of career curriculum implementation.Especially since the 21 st century,with the development of knowledge economy and the continuous refinement of social division of labor,the traditional employment relationship has changed from looking for an employer who can work for a lifetime to an employment relationship with the start and end of the project.This new type of short-term and uncertain employment relationship puts forward new requirements for the ability and attitude of job seekers,as well as the implementation and development of current high school career courses.How to help students find their roles and positions? How can we help students cope with the changing world of the outside world? High school career education has become an urgent problem to be solved.Therefore,this paper chooses the career construction theory as the theoretical basis.Career construction theory is that the professional world is accidental,change,nonlinearand complex,the traditional passive career development model is difficult to adapt to the professional requirements of the world,so the individual career development is the key to improve their ability to adapt to the professional society,to the employer to sell their knowledge through active wealth and ability,for individual career development release of subjective well-being and personality.Guiding the implementation of high school career curriculum based on the career constructivism theory is helpful to improve the current implementation process of career curriculum,which pays too much attention to the tool function of career education and ignores the status quo of the development of students' career ability,so as to enhance the effectiveness of the implementation of high school career curriculum.Based on the above analysis,this paper,on the theoretical basis of career constructivism,first discusses the necessary state of the implementation of high school career curriculum.Then,through the observation method,interview method,questionnaire method and other forms,the current situation of the implementation of high school career curriculum was investigated,and the problems and deep-rooted reasons were explored to construct the implementation of high school career curriculum from the perspective of career constructivism.The main contents and viewpoints of the study are as follows:The first part is the basic thought of career constructivism.This paper mainly expounds the birth and development of the theory of career constructivism and discusses the basic proposition of career constructivism.Abstract from the basic point of view of career constructivism theory,high school career curriculum must have the characteristics of experience,generation,situation,difference and dialogue,as the theoretical basis of the following research.The second part is the status quo and problems of the implementation of career curriculum in high school from the perspective of career constructivism.The author focuses on A,B,C three high schools in shandong district has carried on the practice research,explore the background of the three high school career course development,the current situation of implementation and implementation effect,found in its implementation process,there are A lot of curriculum goals,there is no uniform standard,incomplete curriculum content,curriculum implementation form A single,curriculum evaluation needs to be optimized.The third part is about the causes of the problems in the implementation of high school career curriculum.In view of the current problems in the development of career education in senior high school,the author analyzes from three aspects: the influence of traditional educational concepts,teachers' ability to develop curriculum,and the lack of curriculum resources.The fourth part,from the perspective of career construction theory,proposes the implementation of high school career curriculum.In order to solve the problems in the implementation of career curriculum,the author,based on the theory of career constructivism,puts forward Suggestions from five aspects,including curriculum objectives,curriculum content,curriculum implementation,curriculum evaluation and curriculum resource construction,in order to improve the current situation of curriculum implementation and enhance the effect of career curriculum implementation.
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