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Action Research On Reverse Teaching Design Of Mathematics In Primary Schools

Posted on:2020-01-21Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:J R ShiFull Text:PDF
GTID:2437330590962177Subject:Primary school education
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Backward Design Mode is a teaching method model of reverse thinking design proposed by Wiggins and(Grant Wiggins & Jay McTighe).Its biggest characteristic is to put the evaluation according to the teaching goal design before the teaching activity design,make the evaluation run through the whole teaching process,guarantee the achievement of the teaching goal;Realizing the consistency of curriculum standards,teaching objectives,teaching evaluation,teaching activities and evaluation system will promote students' understanding.Under the guidance of the concept of reverse teaching,the action research of reverse teaching design is carried out according to the actual situation of X primary school.Aiming at the main problems of improving the teaching practice of primary school mathematics teachers under the reverse teaching design,this study focuses on the first grade mathematics teacher L and the third grade mathematics teacher G as the main research object.Adopt the observation method and the interview method to carry out the action research in the teaching practice.In the three-month action study,through comparing the preparation and implementation of four reverse teaching designs of two teachers before and after,from the use of the reverse teaching design preparation template,The actual situation of teaching implementation and after-school reflection of teachers find and constantly correct the deficiencies of teachers in reverse teaching design.Some problems have been found in this study.From the results of the study,the reverse teaching design provides a specific measure for the achievement of the mathematics teaching goal of the primary school;the achievement of the teaching task of the reverse teaching design is closely related to the teacher's teaching experience;the "pre-evaluation" idea advocated by the reverse teaching design runs through the teaching process all the time.At the same time,there are teachers who agree with the idea of reverse teaching design,but they still have resistance psychology in the process of research,and the problem that teachers understand the concepts of reverse teaching design in every link is vague.Therefore,in view of the above situation,the author gives the following suggestions:(1)skilled and flexible application of reverseteaching design template,stimulate the enthusiasm of teachers to participate(2)overall,comprehensive,To design the evaluation system in an all-round way(3)to improve the teaching level of teachers,to widen the channels for teachers to study reverse teaching design(4)Try to design "lesson preparation and remedy link" under the concept of "evaluation first".
Keywords/Search Tags:Backward Design Mode, Instructional Design, Elementary School Mathematics Teaching, Action Research
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