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Research On Cross-cultural Management Of Chinese M Pharmaceutical Company's Investment In Germany

Posted on:2018-01-15Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:X H PengFull Text:PDF
GTID:2439330542958463Subject:Senior Management Business Administration
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In our country more than five thousand years of historical inheritance,countless predecessors of Chinese medicine to explore and perfect,it has become one of the essence of China's culture.Since 1995,the Chinese government has been looking forward to and actively introducing Chinese medicine into the mainstream drug market in advanced countries in Europe and America,but because of many reasons,the process has been slow.Chinese female scholar Tu found the medicine for malaria in 1970s of artemisinin in the research of TCM books,and therefore won the 2015 Nobel prize in medicine or science of physiology,the internationalization of traditional Chinese medicine and put on the trip and received wide attention.In recent years,the internationalization of Chinese medicine has attracted much attention because of the change in the global spectrum of diseases and the significant changes in attitudes towards natural medicines in Europe and the United states.The outline of the Chinese medicine development strategy(2016-2030 years)issued by the Chinese government has pointed out the way forward for the development of Chinese medicine outside the country.In view of the current trend and the support of the state,many Chinese pharmaceutical manufacturers have made positive attempts to promote the internationalization of traditional Chinese medicine.They have invested abroad and pushed Chinese medicine to the international market.The trip in the internationalization of Chinese medicine,there are significant differences in multinational operations and home environment operations,require enterprises to adapt to the lifestyle in the borders,different countries and different ethnic values,moral standards and other factors due to the cultural difference in different,because the contradiction of cultural collision the continuous balance,in order to have different cultural backgrounds staffers,target customers and government staff to deal with.In the process of enterprise itself and promote the internationalization of Chinese medicine,to treat the differences between different cultures to dialectical attitude,use appropriate methods to coordinate the conflicts caused by cultural differences,realize different cultural conflict management model.In order to improve the enterprise's global influence,become an international well-known enterprises of the coordination of the conflict brought good be the same outside and inside,cultural differences,a prerequisite for enterprises to achieve steady development is essential.In this article,the author focuses on the six steps to analyze the M pharmaceutical company production management problems between different cultures in the process of overseas investment:1,according to the background of this article topic and practical significance to make a systematic exposition;2,according to the research methods of this article and structure frame accordingly,and make analysis to some extent similar study abroad,combined with the research direction of this topic and the way of reference;3,according to the communication management,cultural differences and cross-cultural management related concepts and research theory to make the corresponding elaboration,and explore the different cultural meaning and the cultural differences on the issue of business management the impact,on the basis of introducing Kluckhohn and Strodtbeck and other scholars proposed The six value orientation theory,Pinas theory and the cultural structure of Haw J J Ki's cultural dimensions theory to expand the research;4,according to M company in cross-cultural management the gaps and causes,on the basis of the objective theory as the guiding ideology and the research of effective method to analyze the scientific research;5,according to the study the results,combined with the reality of the situation to make matching implementation guidelines and solutions to the problems of cross culture management of M pharmaceutical company;6,according to the research of this article analysis to make a comprehensive and thorough summary.
Keywords/Search Tags:Cross-cultural management, Cultural differences, Cultural conflicts, Communication management
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