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Research On Credit Supply Of Small And Micro Enterprises In China's Commercial Banks

Posted on:2018-12-03Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Small and micro enterprises are one of the important market players in China's socialist market economy system.Their sustained and healthy development will help to provide jobs,promote the construction of urbanization,promote economic growth and maintain social stability.According to statistics,by the end of 2016,the number of China's Small and micro businesses already close to 70 million households,accounting for more than 90%of the total amount of the various types of enterprises;nearly 2/3 of the national tax revenue is from Small and micro businesses to create,Small and micro businesses have gradually become the main source of national finance income;Small and micro businesses to cultivate a large number of outstanding entrepreneurs the members of the society,greatly stimulate innovation and enthusiasm;in addition,Small and micro businesses is now mainly responsible for the social employment pressure,the annual absorption of more than 70%of new employment and re employment of the population,to alleviate the employment pressure and promote the transformation and upgrading of urban and rural surplus labor plays an important effect.However,the development of small and micro enterprises in our country has been not ideal,and financing difficulties typical representatives of many problems have restricted the growth and growth of small and micro enterprises.This paper first introduces the research background,significance,related literature review,research methods used,and the framework of the article.Then,this paper expounds the current situation of the supply of small and micro credit in commercial banks,analyzes the current situation of the supply of small and micro credit in commercial banks,and presents the new changes and characteristics.Then the problems and reasons of small and micro credit supply of commercial banks are explored.On the basis of exploration,through qualitative and quantitative analysis and empirical analysis,the paper uses the descriptive statistical analysis method to deal with the sample data,combined with empirical analysis of factors affecting the small and micro credit supply of the industry bank and its effect.Finally,the author puts forward his own opinions and suggestions to promote the commercial banks to gradually increase the supply of small and micro credit.
Keywords/Search Tags:Small and micro enterprise credit, Commercial bank, Influence factors
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