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Research On The United States Listed Financing Strategy Of Private Enterprises In China

Posted on:2020-07-07Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:A H HuangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2439330572483305Subject:Business Administration
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As the development of the economic,the market competition of private enterprises is becoming more and more fierce.In the changing market environment,the early investment of emerging industries is larger than that of traditional industries.In a short time,it is impossible to obtain development funds by self-operation.Whether the funds can meet the development of enterprises is very important.However,the financing difficulties of private enterprises are numerous and the funds can not be put in place in time,which hinders the further development of private enterprises in China.Capital is an important prerequisite for the sustainable and stable development of all enterprises.For private enterprises,if they want to achieve healthy and long-term development,they need to solve the financing problem first.However,the complexity of property rights and the interrelation of industrial economy,the immature development background of private enterprises,the limitations of management and operation of private enterprises,as well as the limitations of relevant policies,have led to the difficulty of financing for private enterprises.Private enterprises have tried their best to go abroad and have chosen to list overseas,especially in the United States.Through the research and analysis of the financing mode of listed private enterprises in China,and the in-depth analysis of the case in practice,some financing strategies with reference value will be put forward,which has far-reaching significance for the development of private enterprises.Beginning with the background of private enterprises,this paper uses literature research,logical research,case analysis and other methods to conduct in-depth discussion.Firstly,through the research background of this paper,the demand for private enterprises to develop funds,the rise of Internet enterprises,and the importance of capital to the strategic development of enterprises,the paper makes a comprehensive analysis from relevant theories and concepts,and elaborates on the research of private enterprises'listing strategy in detail,including the timing of listing,the way of listing,the intermediary of listing and the location of listing.Secondly,combining with the case of Ali Group,this paper analyses the financing demand of Chinese private enterprises,the motivation of choosing to be listed in the United States,the motivation and mode of financing to be listed in the United States,the motivation of choosing to be listed as a whole,and the financing results after listing,etc.It points out that the financing demand is large and the strategic development of enterprises is closely linked,and summarizes the reference value of Ali model.On the basis of theoretical and practical case analysis,this paper puts forward the financing suggestions for listing in the United States,the financing strategy model of private enterprises,and the outlook of private enterprises'financing in the United States.
Keywords/Search Tags:overseas listing, Financing methods, Strategic Management, The private enterprise
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