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Research On The Impact Of Resilience And Cross-cultural Adaptation On Chinese Expatriate Innovative Performance

Posted on:2020-06-17Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2439330572493649Subject:International business
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With the increasing trend of international innovation of Chinese enterprises,expatriates have gradually become an important supporting force for the improvement of innovative capabilities of multinational enterprises.Weather expatriates fully exert their innovative role directly influences the realization of Chinese international enterprises' innovative performance.Selecting appropriate ones to undertake expatriating assignments and encouraging their innovative behavior with some supports can drive the improvement of company's global value chain,and realize its strategic objectives.Innovation is an organizational behavior exhibited by employees.It often occurs in the process of adapting to the new environment,which is conducive to the shaping of core competitiveness of enterprises and should be effectively evaluated and encouraged.Some studies have shown that employees with strong psychologic resilience can maintain an optimistic attitude in the process of innovation,quickly recover from failures and setbacks,persevere in tackling difficulties,and thus show more innovative behavior.However,few scholars have included the innovative behavior of expatriates into the assessment of expatriate performance and studied its achievement path.This paper will analyze the innovative performance of Chinese multinationals' expatriates and study its relationship with psychological resilience and cross-cultural adaptation.This paper firstly,with taking 168 expatriates from 22 Chinese multinational corporations as research objects and basis of the relevant literatures,measures the innovative performance of expatriates from two dimensions:the generation and accumulation of innovative ideas and the promotion and implementation of innovative ideas;meanwhile constructs resilience-cross cultural adaptation-expatriate innovative performance model from the perspective of positive psychologic theory and cross-cultural adaptation theory,and makes assumxptions about the relationship between the three;then test the assumptions with Spass21.0 and make the conclusions:psychological resilience has a significant positive impact on the expatriate innovative performance,among which,the most influential one is the whole expatriate innovative performance,the followed is generation and accumulation of innovative ideas,and the last one is the promotion and implementation of innovative ideas;the cross-cultural adaptation partly mediates the relationship between the psychological resilience and expatriate innovative performance.After that,it puts forward suggestions on how to measure and improve expatriate innovative performance for Chinese multinational enterprises.
Keywords/Search Tags:Expatriate, Innovative Performance, Cross-cultural Adaptation, Resilience
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