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Research On Internet Banks Promoting The Development Of Inclusive Finance

Posted on:2020-05-06Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Inclusive finance aims to provide financial services for people of all social classes in a timely and effective manner at an affordable cost.In the government work report delivered by premier li keqiang in 2019,he pointed out that "we should improve the internal assessment of financial institutions,encourage and strengthen inclusive financial services,and make sure that the tight financing situation of small,medium and micro-sized enterprises has been significantly improved".The financing of small and micro enterprises through inclusive financial services has once again become the focus of hot academic debate.However,the development of inclusive finance is hindered by the imbalanced allocation of resources in the financial market,asymmetric information and insufficient physical bank branches.The low threshold and wide coverage of Internet banking,in line with the characteristics of inclusive finance development,provides new opportunities for the development of inclusive finance.Based on the in-depth analysis of the characteristics of Internet Banks,this paper makes an in-depth study on the development of inclusive finance by using the long tail theory and financial innovation theory,and finds out the relationship between the two.Taking Mybank as an example,the paper analyzes the development status of Mybank bank and the mode of promoting the development of inclusive finance.At the same time,the inclusive effects of Mybank are analyzed,and the problems faced by Mybank in promoting inclusive finance development are summarized,including weak sense of identity.Single service business,etc.Finally,corresponding optimization Suggestions are put forward according to the problems,including improving the recognition degree of Internet Banks to develop inclusive finance;We will expand inclusive financial services for Internet Banks.
Keywords/Search Tags:Internet banking, Inclusive finance, Small and micro enterprises, Long tail theory, Mybank
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