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Analysis On The Role Of Crowdfunding In The Operation Of Small And Medium-sized Enterprises

Posted on:2019-04-16Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:J LiFull Text:PDF
GTID:2439330575472216Subject:Political economy
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With the continuous development of the economy,SMEs in our country are playing an increasingly important role in promoting balanced economic development,reducing unemployment,and encouraging the development of innovative talents.At present,it has become one of the major factors that promote the healthy development of China's economy.In recent years,as China's economy has entered a new normal,the development of SMEs is increasingly restricted by funds,which has seriously affected the competitiveness of SMEs.However,the rapid development of Internet technology brought about by the information revolution in recent years has provided new ways for SMEs to finance,and shows that important technical means to solve the SME's capital restrictions have emerged.Among them,crowdfunding is a new financing model accompanied by the development of Internet technology,and it has now become one of the main means to solve the financing problems of China's SMEs.Therefore,it is of great theoretical and practical value to carry out the theoretical research and practical exploration of the crowdfunding financing model for solving the difficulties of SME financing and operation.This article first uses Marx's theory of capital cycle,capital accumulation and capital ownership to analyze the crowdfunding financing model to provide a theoretical basis for the demonstration of its role in the operation of SMEs.Second,the generation of crowdfunding financing model in China,Development and the role of SMEs in operations have been examined and analyzed in practice,pointing out the unique advantages of crowdfunding in the financing and operation of SMEs;once again,the legal status of the current stage of crowdfunding financing in China is not clear.,The imperfect supervision system,the unclear exit mechanism,and the fact that the financing parties are faced with great risks and other objective conditions have combed and analyzed many bottlenecks in the financing and operations of SMEs;finally,to ensure smooth financing for SMEs.With regard to normal operations,we have proposed policy recommendations to promote the continuous improvement and improvement of the crowdfunding financing model:(1)Accelerate the construction of a compliance crowdfunding financing platform and prevent problems in the operation of small and medium-sized enterprises;(2)Third-party organizations join the crowdfunding industry Chain,strengthening platform management;(3)Expanding society's new financing model(4)Improve the construction of China's credit system and related legal systems.
Keywords/Search Tags:Crowdfunding, Capital Theory, Bottlenecks, Solutions
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