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A Comparative Study Of Third-Party Payment Profit Model Based On Alipay And WeChat Payment

Posted on:2020-05-06Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Third-party payment is an important part of the modern financial services industry.It is also a product of the integration of Internet technology and financial industry.Compared with the traditional financial industry,third-party payment can better reflect the characteristics of the times.Third-party payment plays a major role in facilitating the lives of the people,facilitating transactions,improving the financial system,and promoting the development of the national economy.The emergence of third-party payment platforms stems from e-commerce.The traditional bank payment methods gradually emerged during the rapid development of e-commerce.Third-party payment platforms provide credit guarantees for both parties through cooperation with banks,effectively solving the transaction process.Various problems exist in it.At the beginning of the 21 st century,the Internet technology and financial industry broke the barriers of industry and realized the integration and development.Various Internet financial products represented by third-party payment platforms began to emerge in an endless stream,innovating the development mode of the traditional financial industry.By the end of 2018,there were many well-known brands such as Alipay,Tenpay,WeChat Pay,PayPal,Lakara,Online Banking Online,E-Letter Payment,Remittance World and Convergence Payment,among which the largest number of users in the world were PayPal and Alipay.The largest number of domestic users is Alipay and WeChat payment.The third-party payment platform has been continuously transformed and upgraded in the process of development,from the initial processing fee incurred by the payment service to the profit sharing with e-commerce,enterprises and government,to the use of deposited funds,and finally to the use of big data.The huge invisible income changes have supported the third-party payment platform to become bigger and stronger.In this context,studying the profit model of third-party payment has important theoretical and practical significance.As the leader of China's third-party payment platform,Alipay and WeChat Pay are worthy of deep thinking.In this context,this paper takes Alipay and WeChat payment as the research object,analyzes the profit model of the third-party payment platform in the operation process and its similarities and differences,and proposes optimization suggestions from the perspective of promoting the long-term development of Alipay and WeChat payment.Firstly,starting from the research background,research significance and research methods of the topic,this paper sorts out the related literatures of third-party payment platforms in recent years,and introduces the related theories of third-party payment and profit models.Secondly,in the case analysis of Alipay's profit model,this paper focuses on the in-depth analysis of Alipay's profit model from the aspects of advertising expenses,service fees,fee income,and settlement fund income.In the process of analysis,it is concluded that the profit model has Specialized in payment and all-round services.Thirdly,this paper also chooses the WeChat payment platform for research,and divides its profit points into five aspects: game fees,service fees and value-added services.The rules for the WeChat payment profit model are characterized by convenient payment and humanized service..After that,the profit model of Alipay and WeChat payment will be compared and compared,and the similarities and differences and reasons will be summarized.Finally,based on the theoretical combing,case analysis and comparative analysis of the previous articles,according to the similarities and differences between the two,the paper improves the internal credit system,meets operational regulations,invests in advanced technology,clarifies the development direction,highlights product features,and promotes payment.The platform transformation and other aspects put forward optimization suggestions for the two.
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