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Research On The Influence Of College Students' Entrepreneurial Passion On The Performance Of New Ventures

Posted on:2020-03-28Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2439330578482408Subject:Business management
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Most researchers explain entrepreneurial behavior from a rational perspective at present,however the research about impact on irrational factors is still not complete.However,the entrepreneurial process is full of risks and challenges,and the irrational factors have an important impact on the entrepreneurial decision-making behavior.Entrepreneurship as a starting point for stimulating entrepreneurial activities also goes through the entire entrepreneurial process.It is the source of motivation for entrepreneurs to continue to challenge entrepreneurial difficulties.Many entrepreneurs have also used successful practice to verify that only with the entrepreneurial passion,can they overcome the difficulties on the road of entrepreneurship with full of thorns and enterprises achieve rapid growth.However,in the raging tide of entrepreneurship,entrepreneurs full of entrepreneurial enthusiasm have mostly failed.The essence of entrepreneurship is innovation,which is an important way to build an innovative economy.Especially for college entrepreneurs,they have certain professional basic knowledge,and are more eager to gain wealth,respect and achievement through entrepreneurship,and college students can effectively reduce employment pressure.Therefore,it is necessary to explore the practical path of entrepreneurial passion for entrepreneurial performance for college students' entrepreneurial activities.Based on the existing research results of entrepreneurial passion,entrepreneurial learning and entrepreneurial performance,and based on the achievement goal theory,this paper explores the influence path of entrepreneurial passion on new performance through the introduction of entrepreneurial learning intermediary variables.Through the questionnaire survey,333 college students' entrepreneurs were collected for quantitative analysis,and the research framework and hypothesis were tested by empirical research.The research results are as follows: College students' entrepreneurial passion can promote entrepreneurial learning,including empirical learning and observational learning.Entrepreneurial learning can improve the performance of new ventures,and entrepreneurial learning intermediary acts on the process of entrepreneurial passion affecting the growth of new ventures.This paper researches and improves the application of entrepreneurial passion research in college entrepreneurs,and provides guidance for college entrepreneurship practice.
Keywords/Search Tags:College student entrepreneurship, Entrepreneurial passion, Entrepreneurial learning, Entrepreneurial performance
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