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Optimization Of The Marketing Strategies Of GX Company's Mobile Communication Service Under The Background Of Mobile Internet

Posted on:2020-03-18Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2439330578957718Subject:Business Administration
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Informatization and the popularity of the Internet have brought huge market challenges to telecom operators.The era of high profits seems to have gone forever.At the same time,the development of 4G technology and the maturity of mobile Internet application also bring hope for the market prospect of operators.The market of simple basic communication services in the past has gradually started to change,and marketing has also shifted from single brand promotion to the development of the entire information and communication industry chain.It is undeniable that transformation and development have become a significant feature of telecom operators in the era of mobile Internet.This paper takes GX company as the research object.As one of the three telecom operators in Guangxi,GX company has been deeply rooted in the Guangxi market since the 3G era,and its market share of mobile business has gradually increased.In recent years,the market growth rate of GX company ranks top among the member companies in China's telecom provinces.At present Guangxi local mobile market has been gradually out of the expansion,GX company is faced with after the mobile user scale,how to enhance the value of customers and enterprise itself contribution under the background of mobile Internet,how to widen the channel of the market development,mining the customer potential value,and be able to place:in the competition,this is closely tied to the marketing strategy of the enterprise itself.Therefore,through the analysis of the current marketing situation and problems of GX company,it is particularly important to obtain appropriate marketing strategies and optimize them.At the beginning of the paper,the research background,research significance,research content,research methods and ideas of the paper are described,and the relevant theories and research review are briefly introduced.Followed by GX company's basic situation and the analysis of the macroscopic environment and microcosmic environment,and then the GX's mobile business marketing present situation analysis and market positioning,the problems of the final paper using STP strategy and 4P marketing mix theory,in view of the existing problems and the insufficiency,comb to determine the five kinds of target market,and according to different target market supply different products and services,and finally to ensure the implementation of marketing strategy and implement the corresponding safeguard measures,for the next step in the GX company marketing strategy and tactics provide a basis for the optimization.The research results of this paper are helpful to improve the marketing strategy level of GX company's mobile business in the regional scope,and have certain representativeness among domestic telecom operators,and have certain practical guiding significance.
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