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International Comparative Study On Factors Of Adoption Of Mobile Games

Posted on:2020-04-13Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2439330590493149Subject:International Business
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The rapid development of the Internet and electronic information technology has provided a good opportunity for many industries to develop,and has also made the mobile game industry a promising sunrise industry.In recent years,the mobile game industry has achieved rapid development in both the international market and the domestic market.At the same time,since 2016,the growth rate of mobile game industry in China has slowed down.In the case of the decline in the domestic mobile game demographic dividend and the maturity of domestic manufacturers,major mobile game companies will strengthen overseas layout in the future.The domestic mobile game exports have broad prospects.In this context,based on a full review of previous research,this article will focus on the consumer perspective,using the technology acceptance model and optimizing it according to the characteristics of mobile game industry services,to study the acceptance of mobile games.Consumers in China,United State and South Korea are selected as representative players.The purpose of the research is to investigate the consumer's acceptance patterns of mobile games by investigating and analyzing consumers in different countries,and to explore the consumer's inner consumer appeals and habits through actual investigations,thus providing useful reference for game companies to develop and export.The innovation of this paper is to adjust the model to make it more in line with the current situation by studying the characteristics of the current mobile game industry and consumers.In this model usefulness is replaced with convenience,and social demand is added as influence factor.Questionnaire survey under this model was conduct with the help of international students and friends studying abroad,which data collected is analyzed by SPSS and AMOS.The results show that there are some common factors,such as perceived fun,influencing the acceptance of mobile games for users in different countries.However,the acceptance of mobile games of users in different countries also influenced by different factors-the social need brought by mobile games has a significant positive impact on the acceptance of Chinese and Korean players,but has no effect on American players;the convenience of the game has a significant positive impact on Chinese player acceptance;ease of use has a certain negative impact,and these two factors have no effect on the acceptance of players in the United States and South Korea.On this basis,recommendations are given as follows: The development and operation of mobile games requires careful preliminary research and discussion to understand the characteristics of local consumers;and for consumers of mobile games in most regions,whether the game can bring fun is the main factor of everyone's attention,so company needs to heavily invest in the design of the game in the future;thirdly,company should pay attention to social effects and open up game community;fourthly,company should enhance the convenience of the game and make the game rhythm faster;finally,the difficulty of the game should be reasonably set to satisfy the player's achievement needs while attracting them.
Keywords/Search Tags:Mobile Games, Consumers' Acceptance, Technology Acceptance Model
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