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Optimization Design Of Jingdong Equity-based Crowdfunding Ecosystem

Posted on:2020-06-10Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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In recent years,the rapid development of Internet finance has not only brought convenience and speed to people's lives,but also injected unprecedented vitality into China's economic development.In this context,China's equity-based crowdfunding has also developed rapidly,and has achieved some gratifying achievements.equity-based crowdfunding can help many innovative entrepreneurs to raise funds,realize the great dream of innovation and entrepreneurship,and promote the development of inclusive finance.The financial instruments of the capital market have also broadened the investment channels of investors and created entrepreneurial opportunities and employment opportunities for the talent market.However,in this process,the development of equity-based crowdfunding is facing a dilemma.Firstly,the relevant laws and regulations of crowdsourcing are not perfect,and there are still many loopholes in supervision,which make it difficult to effectively regulate the development of crowdsourcing;secondly,there are many problems in equity-based crowdfunding itself,such as the lack of tripartite trusteeship of fund pool,the supervision and management of subsequent fund use after the project has been financed;thirdly,information asymmetry between project owners and investors is easy to produce.Finally,the whole business model of equity-based crowdfunding industry lacks innovation and homogeneity.Following the recession of the popular fund-raising boom in 2015 and 2016,the problems of equity-based crowdfunding have also begun to expose.Therefore,in order to promote the sustainable and healthy development of equity-based crowdfunding,it is imperative to explore the establishment of a good ecological circle of equity-based crowdfunding.The reason why this article chooses the Jingdong equity-based crowdfunding ecosystem for analysis is as follows: 1.Jingdong equity-based crowdfundingis the largest and most comprehensive equity-based crowdfunding platform in the platform of the public,and it is uniquely supported by Jingdong Mall Resources,both the advantages of suppliers,logistics and B2 C sales platform,which provides the basis for the realization of the equity-based crowdfunding ecosystem;2.Jingdong equity-based crowdfunding platform in response to the fierce Internet financial competition,can judge the situation,preemptive,first sketch Outstanding create a blueprint for the development of the ecological circle,and step by step,systematically take many powerful measures to achieve the gratifying development of the platform ecosystem;3.Many P2 P platforms frequently explode huge credit risk events in2018,making people stunned,resulting in the Internet The financial financing model has created an unprecedented crisis of trust.In this context,if the equity-based crowdfunding platform wants to make great progress in the future,it must build a good ecological circle and inject a "mutually beneficial and win-win" thought blood into it,in order to generate new vitality and regain Social public trust.In view of the above factors,this paper attempts to summarize the development advantages and development problems through Jingdong equity-based crowdfunding case,and build Jingdong's equity-based crowdfunding ecosystem to promote the healthy development of Jingdong equity-based crowdfunding platform,and at the same time it can serve other equity-based crowdfunding platforms.Provide a good reference to jointly promote the sustainable and healthy development of the equity-based crowdfunding industry.Through consulting the literature and related research data,it is found that although the Jingdong equity-based crowdfunding platform has developed well,it is far from achieving the expected goals.The reason is that the author believes that the equity industry has not formed a good operating ecosystem.Based on this,the author obtains the enlightenment from the platform ecosystem theory and the Internet finance theory,and imitates the natural ecosystem to propose the conceptual model of the equity-based crowdfunding ecosystem,and proposes that it is in line with the actual development of Jingdong equity-based crowdfunding.In the second chapter,the paper mainly introduces the platform ecosystem theory and internet finance theory related to equity-based crowdfunding.In the third chapter,the author analyzes the development status and existing problems of Jingdong Dongjia,It is found that the equity-based crowdfunding development of Jingdong Dongjia has been relatively good since its launch,especially the existence of the Zhongchuang ecosystem,which can be developed by Jingdong's own Internet e-commerce platform.Complete post-investment management and risk control mode.However,there are still many problems,such as the platform's risk concentration,lack of quality projects,and lack of good external growth environment.Based on this,this paper constructs the Jingdong equity-based crowdfunding the fourth chapter.Firstly,it explains the design principles and developmentgoals of the Jingdong equity-based crowdfunding Platform Eco-sphere,which is based on the principles of ecology,integrity and Sustainability.Active,diversified returns,and effective reductions in platform risk.Secondly,the Jingdong equity-based crowdfundingb ecosystem was constructed,and the population composition of the model was explained in detail according to the Jingdong equity-based crowdfunding ecosystem model.Finally,the mechanism mechanism and energy mechanism of species in the equity-based crowdfunding platform ecosystem are elaborated in detail,and the improvement measures and suggestions for equity-based crowdfunding to establish their own platform ecosystem are proposed from the macro and micro aspects.The author hopes that this idea of building a Jingdong equity-based crowdfunding ecosystem can inspire future development of equity crowdfunding,and also find new ideas for the sustainable development of other platforms.
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