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Research On The Supply Of Public Rental Housing In Wuhan

Posted on:2020-01-31Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2439330596480829Subject:Public Administration
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Public rental housing is an important part of China's housing security system,aiming to meet the basic housing needs of College graduates,migrant workers and urban household registered residents.Increasing the supply of public rental housing can improve the housing security system,enhance people's happiness,create a good social environment,and build a well-off society for all.From 2015 to the present,the construction of public rental housing in China has made considerable progress,but there are still many problems.When we explore the problems related to public rental housing,we need to be able to start with both theoretical and practical significance,so that we can detect better results.Based on the theory of public goods supply and housing filtration,this paper uses Wuhan public rental housing as the research object,and conducts related case studies,which are explored from the following aspects: development process,current status and existing problems,and further solving problems.And follow up with relevant policy recommendations.After a series of screenings and investigations,it was decided to use the three most representative communities in Wuhan for research.The community was used as a sample to conduct visits,surveys,and questionnaire collection.After collecting and comparing and analyzing,we found that although the residents in Wuhan have higher wages,they are less satisfied with the public rental housing problem.From the research findings,the government's demand for public rental housing is unbalanced,and there is still a problem in Wuhan.Larger problems include insufficient funds for public rental housing,insufficient land supply,lack of housing supply,and unbalanced supply.These problems indicate that the government lacks corresponding planning and overall planning.In the research,it is seen that the financial system of Wuhan is not perfect enough,the supply of funds cannot be immediately available,and problems cannot be solved in time,and the corresponding mechanisms are not sound enough.Faced with this series of questions,this article also puts forward the following suggestions: First,the problem of reasonable improvement of the public rental housing system according to demand;second,long-term planning,according to the status quo,to formulate long-term public rental housing supply planning;third,in the construction In the process of public rental housing,the land and capital investment will be increased to ensure the quality of the project.The problem of public rental housing supply is one of the most concerned people's livelihood issues in China.However,there are few studies on typical Wuhan in the major literatures.Therefore,this paper decided to use Wuhan for research.In the previous actual investigation,the actual situation has been accurately understood.The following articles are prepared for in-depth analysis of the survey results of Wuhan City.Combining relevant theories to explore effective ways to optimize the supply of public rental housing can improve the public rental housing supply system in Wuhan.Provide decision-making basis,and have certain reference value for public rental housing research in other regions.
Keywords/Search Tags:Public rental housing, Housing supply, Housing security, Housing management
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