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Study On Loan Risk And Countermeasures Of Small And Medium-Sized Enterprises In BJ Commercial Bank

Posted on:2019-01-28Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:C H ZhangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2439330596951666Subject:Business management
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This paper collected and sorted out the loan data of a branch of BJ commercial bank in 2017 and analyzed it through factor analysis,LOGISTIC regression analysis and Bp neural network analysis.The first chapter of this paper briefly summarizes the main research contents of this paper,and makes a simple analysis of the main technical route and innovation points of this paper.The second chapter of this paper collects and collates the relevant literatures at home and abroad,elaborates on its theoretical basis,and discusses and puts forward its own views.The third chapter of this paper analyzes the current situation of smes loan in BJ commercial bank by means of data collection and collation.The fourth chapter of this paper is the empirical analysis.The factor analysis of the bank data shows that the main guarantee companies and the accounting institutions have great influence on the loan risk.LOGISTICS regression analysis of six common factors extracted by factor analysis shows high effectiveness,and the results show the main influencing factors of different types of loans.Finally,the Bp neural network is used to predict and interpret relatively good analytical models.The fifth chapter of this paper analyzes and discusses the main ways that BJ commercial bank should deal with the loan risk at the national level and the bank itself.The sixth chapter of this paper elaborates and analyzes the concrete implementation andinstitutional guarantee of the above coping style.In general,this paper evaluate the BJ smes credit risk of commercial bank and put forward measures to deal with risks,for the same kind of bank risk prevention and response to provide advice and reference.
Keywords/Search Tags:Commercial Banks, Small and Medium Enterprises, Credit loans, Risk assessment, Risk response
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