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Research On The Evolution Of Emission Reduction Behavior Of The Famous-brand Product Supply Chain Based On Manufacture's Environmental Management

Posted on:2020-11-17Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2439330596991457Subject:Management Science and Engineering
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In recent years,there have been numerous environmental pollution incidents in the famous-brand product supply chain.Once environmental pollution occurs in any part of the famous-brand product supply chain,consumers usually attribute the pollution responsibility to the core enterprises,which will have a negative impact on the brand reputation and product market competitiveness of the famous-brand product supply chain,the environmental pollution problem of the famous-brand product supply chain needs to be solved urgently.Core companies have greater power in green-suppliers selection,purchase volume allocation,and suppliers behavior constraints,therefore,core enterprises' participation in environmental management will have an important impact on the overall environmental performance of supply chain.Considering that the serious pollution process of the famous-brand supply chain is mainly focus on raw material produced of the suppliers,thus the main object of emission reduction behavior is the suppliers,and as the core enterprise,the manufacturer participates to restrain the suppliers' emission reduction behavior could promote a virtuous development of environmental behavior in the supply chain together.This paper sorts out the research at home and abroad systematically,analyzes the reality cases of manufacturers participating in supply chain environmental management in detail,and summarizes the influencing factors of the famous-brand product supply chain emission reduction behavior and these factors' mechanism.On the basis of theoretical research and reality cases analysis,using computational experimental method which widely used in the field of complex systems research to explore the evolution of the emission reduction behavior of the famous-brand products supply chain.Based on existing research,considering that emission reduction suppliers have fairness concerns,firstly,this paper explores the evolution of emission reduction behavior of the famous-brand product supply chain under different incentive mechanisms.Then considering the impact of product competition on the evolution of emission reduction behavior of the famous-brand product supply chain in dynamic incentives.This paper conclusions are:(1)Supply chain emission reductions are consistent with trends in supplier emission reduction efforts,regardless of manufacturer environmental pollution.The suppliers' individual fairness concerns will have a negative impact on the emission reduction increase of supply chain.When the manufacturer managing environmental behavior of famous-brand product chains couldn't ignore the fairness concerns behavior of emission reduction suppliers.(2)The target emission standards set by the manufacturer too strict or too loose,the average unit emission reduction of the suppliers are both low.The manufacturers must set scientifically and feasible emission reduction targets when participating in supply chain environmental management.(3)When the suppliers have fairness concerns,reward can alleviate the unfairness of the rewarded,and punishment will aggravate the unfairness of the punished.The manufacturer should pay more attention to avoiding the punished falling into the path dependence of reducing the emission reduction efforts caused by the unfairness psychological concerns.(4)The manufacturer taking measures to improve consumer brand loyalty could alleviate the decline in supply chain revenue and emission reductions under the dual purchase preference of consumers,however,the trend of decreasing supply chain emission reductions has not changed,and it has not been able to have a positive impact on supply chain emission reductions.(5)The manufacturer's dynamic incentive mechanism mainly affects the average emission reduction efforts of the awarded.Although it couldn't change the trend of the average reduction efforts of the punished suppliers,but it can alleviate the decline speed.Manufacturers should pay attention to avoid excessive transfer payment deficit when dynamically adjusting rewards and punishments.(6)Under the supply chain product competition scenario,different supply chain environmental management strategies of competitive product manufacturer will have an impact on the famous-brand product manufacturer market share and supply chain emission reduction behavior.The competitive product manufacturer adopt dynamic emission reduction subsidies do not reduce itself and Supply chain revenue,and improving the level of supply chain emission reduction.Face to product competition and consumers' multiple purchase preferences,famous-brand product manufacturer should actively treat product competition.When stimulating upstream material suppliers to reduce emissions,who can refer to the incentive products manufacturer's emission reduction incentives.For example,only considering supplier environmental attributes when quantity allocation,decreasing penalties for suppliers with low emission reduction efforts,or increasing subsidies for suppliers with higher emission reduction efforts in order to encourage suppliers to increase emission reduction efforts,and improve supply chain emission reduction levels through market competition.This is of great significance for the environmental management of famous-brand product supply chain.
Keywords/Search Tags:famous-brand product supply chain, supply chain emission reduction behavior, fairness concerns, product competition, computational experiments
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