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Cooperation And Coordination Of The Non-truck Operating Common Carrier Involved Logistics Service Supply Chain

Posted on:2020-08-25Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:S S LiuFull Text:PDF
GTID:2439330599975103Subject:Logistics engineering
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In recent years,mobile Internet technology and freight logistics industry have been deeply integrated,and new operation modes such as non-truck operating common carriers have emerged in the freight logistics market.Non-truck operating common carriers can systematically integrate scattered logistics resources and improve the efficiency of transportation organization.From the perspective of service supply chain,this paper studies the cooperation and coordination mechanisms of the logistics service supply chain composed of one non-truck operating common carrier and some road and railway transport enterprises.Firstly,the paper studies supply chain cooperation and coordination under the non-truck operating common carrier's dual channel scenario with risk-averse attitudes taken into account.Results show that in the centralized case,the higher the risk aversion levels of the non-truck carrier and the road transportation enterprise,the lower the freight price and the overall supply chain profit;that in the decentralized case,the freight price and the expected profits of supply chain members are only related to the risk aversion level of the non-truck carrier,and the higher the risk aversion level,the lower the freight price and the non-truck carrier's profit,but the higher the road transportation enterprise's profit;and that supply chain inefficiency under the decentralized case can be solved by the incremental profit sharing mechanism.Then,the paper studies supply chain cooperation under the non-truck operating common carrier's cooperating with the road and railway transport enterprises scenario with sales efforts being exerted taken into account.Results show that when there is no sales effort,a dominating road transporter is beneficial to the overall supply chain performance and is more likely to form an alliance than the non-truck carrier;when the non-truck carrier exerts sales effort,the supply chain achieves maximum profit in the centralized case,but the non-truck carrier's profit is deeply harmed,in the other two cases,supply chain profits have decreased a little,but the profits of the three are relatively even,for a dominating road transporter,he tends to choose the decentralized decision-making mode.Finally,the paper studies supply chain coordination under the non-truck operating common carrier's cooperating with multiple road transportation enterprises scenario with simultaneous freight demand and cost disruptions taken into account.Results show that when the disturbance is within a certain range,the transport volume plan does not need to be adjusted;but when the disturbance exceeds this range,the plan needs to be changed to realize supply chain coordination;the proposed revenue sharing contract can achieve arbitrary allocation of supply chain profits.
Keywords/Search Tags:Non-truck operating common carrier, Transportation enterprise, Logistics service, Service supply chain, Supply chain coordination
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