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Research On The Government Support Policy For The Development Of Shaxian Snack Industry

Posted on:2020-07-24Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2439330623460413Subject:Public Administration
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With the development of market economy,the market environment is also changing.The market competition in catering industry is particularly fierce,and the market share has also changed in a larger range.The main changes are as follows: Firstly,the mode of operation is becoming more and more popular,while taking into account the expansion of horizontal derivative industry.Secondly,capital operation penetrates into the catering industry more deeply.Share participation,merger and other modes have become the conventional combination form of shuffling and restructuring in catering industry.Talents and technology have become the main strength of competition.In addition,the ever-changing Internet information platform makes the exchange of information more smoothly and quickly.The constantly innovative information technology has opened up the road of innovation and development,and promoted more industrial forms and new marketing models.These are favorable conditions that can promote the transformation and upgrading of Shaxian snack industry,and lay a foundation for the innovation of Shaxian snack marketing model.At present,it is the key period for the transformation of the national economic structure.In the adjustment stage,more attention should be paid to digestion and absorption,proper slowdown of development speed,optimization of industrial structure,and digestion and resolution of the problems brought by earlier growth.Shaxian snack industry also needs to follow the changes of market economy to achieve transformation and upgrading.Therefore,the study of government support policy for Shaxian snack industry has a more positive practical significance.This paper uses the research methods of combining theory with practice,literature analysis and questionnaire.Firstly,this paper summarizes the relevant concepts and theoretical basis of this study;secondly,it describes the background of the rise of Shaxian snack industry,launches SWOT analysis of the characteristics of Shaxian snack industry;secondly,it analyses the current support policies and achievements of Shaxian snack industry;and then,it analyses the problems and reasons of the support policies of Shaxian snack industry;finally,six aspects of Shaxian snack industry support policy need to be improved are pointed out: establish systematic and scientific personnel training mechanism,implement famous brand strategy,innovate marketing mode,build public information service platform,improve standards and certification platform,optimize the distribution of Shaxian snack industry,broaden financing channels,and increase financial support.From the aspect of optimizing government support policy,this paper puts forward some suggestions to promote the transformation and upgrading of Shaxian snack industry.
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