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The Impact Of B&B Service Supply Chain Integration Upon B&B Cluster's Dynamic Ability

Posted on:2020-11-11Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2439330623959524Subject:Business Administration
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Under the guidance of service economy,supply chain management activities have gradually turned to service areas,including information,technology,services,values and processes,and the service supply chain has emerged.As a new form of service economy,B&B service conforms to the market demand of diversified leisure and holiday experience,and fits the natural characteristics of tourism quality development.The integrated development of B&B service supply chain has become one of the effective ways to improve the B&B's industrial system structure and value creation.Through horizontal integration of non-linear supply chain integration mode,B&B and its related services are integrated with agriculture,health,logistics,commerce and other multi-cameras to form a cluster of residential clusters,promoting the integration of shared resources and capabilities and co-creation among relevant stakeholders in the cluster.Value,joint planning,joint implementation of plans,joint problem solving,and continuous improvement of the dynamic capacity of the B&B cluster.Therefore,it is of great theoretical and practical significance to integrate the B&B service supply chain as a new perspective to explore the dynamic capabilities of the cluster.According to the database literature search such as CNKI,most of the existing research on service supply chain focuses on manufacturing,and there is a lack of research on B&B tourism.Most of the existing researches focus on the impact of supply chain integration on business performance,and the discussion on the impact mechanism of service supply chain integration is still a huge black box.This research focuses on the shortcomings of existing research,starting from the related theories of value cocreation,resource interaction,cluster dynamic ability,etc.,revealing the mechanism of the influence of “B&B service supply chain integration”,emphasizing how the integration of B&B and related service supply chain is positive.Directly or indirectly affect the dynamic capacity of the B&B cluster,and highlight the intermediary role of the supply chain stakeholder value co-creation and the adjustment role of resource interaction capabilities within the cluster.Based on the deductive reasoning and hypothesis testing,this paper proposes six research hypotheses based on the domestic and international research on the supply chain integration,value co-creation,resource interaction ability and dynamic dynamics of the B&B cluster.The 221 sample data collected in the B&B's gathering area verified the research hypothesis and explored the following issues:(1)the impact of the integration of the B&B supply chain on the dynamic capacity of the B&B cluster;(2)the value of the supply chain stakeholders Whether it plays an intermediary role in a role relationship;(3)Whether the resource interaction ability in the cluster plays a regulatory role;(4)The effective implementation mode of Guilin B&B service supply chain integration.The results show that the integration of the supply chain of the B&B and the dynamic capacity of the B&B cluster is significantly positively correlated;the positive effect of the service supply chain integration on the dynamic capacity of the B&B cluster works through the intermediary mechanism of value creation;the resource interaction capability is positively regulating the service supply chain integration.Through the co-creation of the indirect effect of the dynamic ability of the B&B cluster,there is a regulated intermediary effect.It shows that B&B cluster enterprises can promote the common value co-creation of stakeholders through the integration of service supply chain integration;in the context of high resource interaction ability,the enhanced value co-creation level can enhance the dynamic capacity of the B&B cluster.According to the research conclusions and the effective mode of Guilin B&B service supply chain integration,it has enriched the research of B&B tourism service supply chain to a certain extent,and provided reference and guidance for the improvement of Guilin B&B tourism quality.
Keywords/Search Tags:Bed and Breakfast (B&B) cluster, service supply chain, value cocreation, cluster dynamic capability
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