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Research On Optimization Of Credit Risk Control System For SMES In QD Bank

Posted on:2020-01-29Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2439330626465513Subject:Business Administration
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As an important channel of social employment,an important source of scientific and technological innovation and an important driving force of economic development,small and medium-sized enterprises are of great significance to social and economic development.It is a strategic task to vigorously support the development of small and medium-sized enterprises.However,small and medium-sized enterprises have a large demand for funds.The government has issued and implemented a number of preferential policies in the field of bank financing for small and medium-sized enterprises,and small and medium-sized enterprises have become one of the main customers of commercial banks.However,many characteristics of small and medium-sized enterprises determine that credit risk is an important problem that commercial banks need to solve in the process of credit to small and medium-sized enterprises.In view of this,this paper takes QD bank as an example,studies the credit risk management and control system of SMEs in this bank,analyzes the current situation,existing problems and reasons of its credit risk management and control system,and then optimizes its risk management and control system,and puts forward safeguard measures.The main work and conclusions are as follows:(1)by analyzing the credit risk management and control system of SMES in QD bank,it is found that the problems in the credit risk management and control system of SMES in this commercial bank mainly include unscientific credit decision-making mechanism,imperfect credit management system,unreasonable credit evaluation system and risk measurement mechanism,etc.The causes of the problems are: insufficient attention to SMES credit business,lack of s SMES credit management system revision mechanism,lack of incentive mechanism and personnel training.(2)following the principles of prudent compliance,credit due diligence,scientific andefficient,and sound management,we optimized and constructed a credit risk system composed of prudent and compliant credit culture,scientific and efficient credit business process,comprehensive and continuous risk control,risk responsibility mechanism,etc.The contents of this paper are to improve the operation and decision-making mechanism of SMEs' credit business,to establish an independent credit management system and internal control system for SMEs,to establish and improve the credit risk rating system for SMEs,to establish a credit risk management report system,and to expand the diversified risk control hands.(3)according to the optimized content of QD bank's credit risk management and control system for small and medium-sized enterprises,the paper puts forward safeguard measures,such as establishing ideological and cultural guarantee,establishing mechanism and system guarantee,establishing organization and personnel guarantee,establishing facility and fund guarantee.This study has enriched the research results related to credit risk management and control of SMES in commercial Banks.At the same time,it can provide theoretical basis and guidance for credit risk management of SMES in QD Banks and provide reference for other similar commercial Banks.
Keywords/Search Tags:Small and Medium-sized Enterprises, Commercial Banks, Credit risk, The control system
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