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Research On Space Debris Re-entry 3D View Simulation Technology

Posted on:2022-12-17Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:H KangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2491306761988889Subject:Computer Software and Application of Computer
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In recent years,due to the deepening of human exploitation of outer space,space junk is also increasing.When a large amount of debris from space re-enters the Earth,it poses a great threat to the safety of human life and property,and if the re-entry trajectory of space debris can be predicted in advance and preventive measures can be taken,the risk on the ground can be effectively reduced.Due to the constraints of many factors,it is not possible to conduct a large number of space debris re-entry tests.In this paper,the space debris re-entry simulation system is established by using the increasingly developed and mature view simulation technology to realize the space debris re-entry trajectory simulation calculation and the data-driven real-time view simulation of the re-entry process,and the results of numerical simulation are more intuitively represented in the form of graphical display.The main work of this paper is as follows:(1)The requirements of space debris re-entry simulation are analyzed,and the overall scheme of combining numerical simulation and view simulation is designed,and its architecture,functions,and data interfaces are designed,and the workflow of simulation system development is analyzed.(2)The process of space debris re-entry into the atmosphere involves complex problems such as ablation and disintegration of debris.In order to predict the re-entry trajectory and the dispersion of the landing point,the re-entry kinetic equations are established.Heat flow calculations and ablation models are developed for the three stages of free molecular flow,transition to continuous flow region,and the disintegration criterion is determined by combining the degree of ablation and structural strength.The solution procedure of the re-entry trajectory was written and simulations were carried out.(3)For the key technology of view simulation,3ds MAX was used to build a 3D model of space debris,and the scene,natural environment and particle effects required for view simulation were modeled based on digital earth,and the debris re-entry data was driven in real time by encapsulating the re-entry trajectory solver into a dynamic link library file.(4)Finally,based on the Digital Earth and Qt platform,the development and integration of the functional modules of the space debris re-entry vision simulation system is completed,and the vision simulation is implemented for the space debris re-entry process,and the vision simulation system is verified.The above technical methods and means can provide a technical reference for space debris re-entry view simulation.
Keywords/Search Tags:Space debris re-entry, Aerodynamic calculations, Heat flow calculations, View simulation
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