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Research On Path Planning And Control Strategy Of Automatic Parking System

Posted on:2021-11-15Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:M J HaoFull Text:PDF
GTID:2492306470490134Subject:Vehicle Engineering
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The prosperity of the domestic automobile market has led to the increase of vehicle population year by year,which has also seriously exceeded the carrying capacity of the urban traffic infrastructure.It not only results in the increasingly serious traffic jam phenomenon,but also greatly decreases the allocated parking space of the urban road planners,thus which increases the contradiction and pressure of parking space supply capacity with people.Due to the different driving skills and parking experience of every driver in real life,traffic accidents occur frequently in the parking process because of the above reasons.As a emerging self-driving technology of intelligent vehicles,the automatic parking system can be regarded as an excellent solution to deal with the above problems,which not only improves the safety of the parking process,and enables the car to pulled into the corresponding parking space as a safely,efficiently and quickly way,it has a broad market application prospect and value.By reading a large number of domestic and foreign related literatures about the automatic parking system,chapter ? first analyzes the important stage of automatic parking process--path planning.Considering that the parking process is a typical low-speed movement process,an vehicle kinematics model is established based on the Ackerman steering geometry theory,to replace the vehicle dynamics model,and which uses the professional vehicle simulation analysis software Car Sim to verify the feasibility of the vehicle Simulink kinematic model;then based on the theory of two tangent arcs,as parking path which analyzes parking process,the above process determine the size of the common parking space and the minimum parking space.At the same time,considering the existence of obstacles in the parking process,the obstacle avoidance constraints are added in the parking process,and then it get the radius range of the two tangent arcs;next the parking starting area is obtained.Meanwhile due to the parking path curvature has abrupt change point,the Sigmoid function curve and the fifth order polynomial function curve are used to fit the planned parking path respectively,the latter fitting result is better;because of the complex motion characteristics of the automatic parking system,compared with the shortcomings of the traditional control theory,chapter ? adopts the fuzzy control strategy of intelligent control theory as the parking motion control strategy,and through summing up the operation skills of driver's parking process in real life,which describe the fuzzy rules.The above rules are introduced into the parallel parking fuzzy controller,and the feasibility of the fuzzy controller is verified by designing simulation experiments.Finally,the simulation model is built on the Car Sim / Simulink software platform,the Simulin platform is used as the data analysis solver,and the Car Sim software-outputs the 3D result of simulation experiment.When useing the mouse run the simulation model,this software get the simulation three-dimensional animation and curve diagram.The results can see that the Car Sim vehicle model in the parking process smoothly pulled into the parking space,and did not collide with the front and rear barrier vehicles.The above result verifys the feasibility of the automatic parking system simulation model in this thesis.
Keywords/Search Tags:automatic parking, parallel parking, fuzzy control, CarSim/Simulink co-simulation
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