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Difficulties Exist With Modern Treatment

Posted on:2015-03-14Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2505304892963139Subject:Marxist philosophy
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Marx's theory of alienation contains rich humanistic charm.In the”1844 Economic and Philosophical Manuscripts",Marx extensively used the German classical philosophy of "alienation" concept,critiqued and developed the concept of alienation on the basis of succession of alienation,and then Marx's theory of alienation created.Marx's theory of alienation was originally used to determine the value of labor under conditions of capitalist relations of production,putting out self-alienation by the introduction of labor alienation.Through sublating the theory of alienation,it seeked the liberation of people,to achieve the ultimate human path,thus achieving "free people of the Commonwealth" communism.Needless to say,Marx's theory of alienation is rooted in his historical materialism.Alienation is a common phenomenon in the history of earth in terms of dialectical materialism.Therefore,it is undeniable that modern society is still full of alienation;modern people are still in the state of alienation but exhibits different characteristics.Looking at Marx's theory of alienation,it has been created for amore than a hundred years,but it is still useful,both in theoretical value and significance,for the modern man of how to get out of plight and for the treatment and implementation of modern people.
Keywords/Search Tags:modern people, plight of existence, alienation of man, theory of alienation
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