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Mongolian College Students Acquire Chinese Nominal Quantifier Errors

Posted on:2021-08-04Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2505306227952239Subject:Chinese international education
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As a friendly neighbor of China,Mongolia has become more and more extensive in its economic and cultural exchanges and cooperation with China.Since the establishment of the first Confucius Institute at Mongolian National University in 2008,it has attracted thousands of students to learn Chinese.The status of Chinese in Mongolia is also increasing.But at the same time,as two languages and cultures continue to collide and communicate,the differences between the two and the problems that students encounter while learning are becoming increasingly apparent.In the teaching of Mongolian Chinese,quantifier learning is a major difficulty for Mongolian learners.Due to the large differences between Chinese and Mongolian,Mongolian university students have missed,misapplied,misused,and made mistakes that have Mongolian language characteristics when they learned nominal quantifiers.By comparing Chinese and Mongolian languages,teaching observations,and paper test surveys,it is found that the reasons for the errors in the acquisition of Chinese nominal quantifiers by Mongolian university students include negative mother tongue transfer,improper attitudes and strategies of students to learn nominal quantifiers,and the use of nominal quantifiers.Weak context,improper layout of textbooks and dictionaries,etc.To improve the efficiency of Mongolian university students' acquisition of Chinese quantifiers,you can take contrastive teaching of Chinese and Mongolian quantifiers,design lively and vivid quantifier class teaching activities,strengthen the practice of quantifiers,properly explain the cultural knowledge of Chinese quantifiers,and write studies for Mongolia Chinese teaching materials and other teaching methods and measures.
Keywords/Search Tags:Mongolian university students, Chinese nominal quantifiers, error analysis
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