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A Report On The Translation Of Chapter Four Of Law In American History,Volume ?:From Reconstruction Through The 1920s

Posted on:2021-07-27Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2505306245475054Subject:English translation
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This paper is a translation report.The source text of this translation report is the fourth chapter of Law in American History,Volume II: From Reconstruction Through the 1920s.This translation report gives a brief exposition of the meaning of the translation project and the process of translation,and classifies the lexical and syntactic features of the source text.In the process of translating source text,the author finds that there are a large number of long sentences,which becomes the difficulty of the whole translation.Therefore,this report emphasizes on the typical feature of long sentences and provides a variety of solutions for the translation of long sentences.In exploring the solution,this translation report analyzes the structural characteristics of long sentences,and classifies them in accordance with the different sentence features.This report offers four translation techniques which are linear translation,division,inversion and synthesized translation.The solutions proposed in this report are intended to provide a feasible reference for other legal translators and save them from these translation difficulties and challenges they may face.Beside,this translation is expected to provide a readable material for domestic readers who like to read the history of American law.
Keywords/Search Tags:immigration laws, long sentence translation, translation techniques
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