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A Practice Report On The E-C Translation Of HUMP PILOTS ASSSOCIATION CHINA-BURMA-INDIA (Excerpts)

Posted on:2021-11-23Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:X L YangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2505306302969609Subject:Translation Master
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World War II brought tremendous impacts on the involved countries,as well as the whole world.Lots of famous battles and events in the war have been engraved into people's minds.HUMP PILOTS ASSSOCIATION CHINA-BURMA-INDIA,as a historical narrative text,is a collection of pilots' memoir.Offering detailed and precious materials,it mainly records the historical events and the whole process of flying over the Hump(China's aerial lifeline)in heavy cargos to assist China to fight against Japanese invaders during the WWII.The selected three parts,concise in words(some terms excepted)and vivid in description,mainly relate the hardships endured by the American pilots when they flied over the precipitous mountains and crossed over the turbulent rivers in round trips to China bases.The practice report,based on the previous studies and references,illustrates the Skopos theory concisely,including its origin,development,three rules and the application in the translation,gives a brief introduction to historical narrative texts,and analyzes the language features and translation difficulties in the selected three sections in the book.Through deliberate combing and analysis,the thesis maps out some strategies for different difficulties in translating the selected historical narrative text based on the theory: consistency and context orientation to terminology translation;linear translation,reconstruction and division to long and complex sentence translation;to English passive sentence translation,adding subject,translating into active sentence,passive sentence and non-subject sentences are available.Based on the whole practice report,including the material selection,translation,difficulties-solving and summary,the author has learned more about the historical narrative text and its translation,also been aware of that there is still much to do to be a qualified translator.Therefore,improving languages competence and flexibility in applying translation skills or techniques,expanding the scope of knowledge in varied fields should be done during the later learning.Anyway,the significances of the report are concluded.From the micro perspective,it intends to offer some references or strategies to the similar practice of translation.From the macro perspective,it aims to share some detailed histories so as to enhance the culture exchanges between countries to some extent.
Keywords/Search Tags:historical narrative text, Skopos theory, terminology translation, English long and complex sentences translation, English passive sentences translation
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