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A Report On The Translation Of Complicated And Long Sentences Based On Functional Equivalence Theory

Posted on:2022-01-31Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:J WuFull Text:PDF
GTID:2505306320974759Subject:English translation
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In recent years,with the deepening of cultural globalization,cultural exchanges between countries have become increasingly frequent.The translation of popular science plays an increasingly important role in cross-cultural communication.Therefore,based on the translation of popular science text,this report aims to explore the translation methods suitable for popular science texts.Anxiety is a popular science text.It involves a lot of professional knowledge of psychiatry,and contains a lot of complex and long sentences.In order to reproduce the culture of source language to the greatest extent,this report has taken Eugene Nida's functional equivalence theory as the guidance,and the translator has analyzed the version of first,second and fourth chapters of source text to explore the specific application of the theory in the practice of popular science translation.Eugene Nida's theory of functional equivalence focuses on content,followed by form,which is consistent with the fact that popular science texts mainly transmit information and focus on content,and has strong applicability to the translation of popular science texts.Therefore,based on Nida's functional equivalence theory,this report analyzes the structure of complex and long sentences in the source text,and selects appropriate translation methods such as sequence,inversion,insertion and amplification to translate complex and long sentences to achieve semantic equivalence between the source text and the translation.Through the analysis and summary of this translation practice,the report aims to explore the translation methods of popular science texts,provide reference for the translation methods of the same type of popular science texts,and hope readers can correctly understand anxiety and avoid anxiety.
Keywords/Search Tags:popular science texts, functional equivalence theory, semantic equivalence
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