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Rendering Of Long Sentences In English Mechanical Paper—A Report On The Translation Of Topology Optimization For Brittle Fracture Resistance

Posted on:2022-10-07Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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This article is a translation practice report grounded on the English academic paper Topology optimization for brittle fracture resistance translated by the author.The source thesis was chosen from the English journal CAMAE(Computer Methods in Applied Mechanics and Engineering),and it focuses on a topology optimization approach for brittle fracture resistance.After reading the original text,the author found that not only does this paper contain a large number of technical terms from physics,mathematics,and engineering,but it also contains a large number of long sentences,making it difficult for readers to comprehend.The original text contains 192 sentences of more than 20 characters,accounting for 60.2%of the paper.Consequently,this report's analysis focuses on Chinese translation of long English sentences.During the translation process,the author draws on the translation techniques of predecessors and incorporates the current situation,choosing linear translation,split translation,insertion translation,and reconstruction translation as the translation methods for this article.The author summarizes a set of working methods by using these translation strategies:1)We can use the linear translation method when the logical relationship,word order,and meaning of the sentence to be expressed are basically consistent with the actual meaning;2)We can use the split translation approach when the English sentence structure has a complex hierarchy;3)We can use the insertion translation method when the sentence is difficult to deal with but can be inserted into the translated sentence with dashes,brackets,or commas;4)We can get rid of the original word order and sentence structure,recombine the sentences,and use the reconstruction method for sentences that can't be interpreted in order.
Keywords/Search Tags:Mechanical text, translation, long sentence, strategies, methods
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