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Cultural And Creative Design Practice Of Yangjiabu Woodblock New Year Pictures "Guochao" Series

Posted on:2022-02-16Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2505306485487234Subject:Art and design
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Yangjiabu Woodcut New Year Pictures is a traditional handicraft that was included in China's first batch of national intangible cultural heritage catalogues in 2006.Although it has attracted the attention of the country,with the rapid development of contemporary economy,woodcut New Year pictures are no matter how they are inherited,produced,The market and other aspects are out of touch with the needs of modern people.How to design and develop new year painting products that can adapt to modern life consumption,and let young people make purchases in the consumption process to promote the recognition of intangible cultural heritage is a problem that we urgently need to solve.In the context of the global cultural and creative development,in recent years,my country's cultural and creative production has achieved data sharing,quick response,and precise marketing,breaking the traditional cultural and creative industry's dilemma of high cost and low output.This paper takes woodblock New Year pictures as the research object,and aims to explore the contemporary value and cultural connotation of New Year pictures through the semiotic interpretation of woodblock New Year pictures.From the new perspective of "national tide" culture,the study of Yangjiabu woodcut New Year pictures and its application is of great significance to the development of traditional crafts and the development of "national tide" culture.First of all,the thesis sorts out the current research status of woodcut New Year pictures and "National Tide" through the method of literature research and field investigation,so that the public can more intuitively understand the historical evolution,artistic characteristics and production process of Yangjiabu woodcut New Year pictures.Use semiotic interpretation to interpret the patterns of woodblock New Year pictures,analyze the current dilemma of New Year pictures from the contemporary value of New Year pictures,and get the feasibility of creative transformation design of woodblock New Year pictures elements;secondly,after understanding the cause of "national tide",Through the case analysis method,from the four parts of cultural theme,form and style,design language and brand marketing to explore the styles that the current "National Tide" series of cultural and creative products need to have for the success,and use cultural and creative products as the transfer medium to help woodblock New Year pictures carry out cultural emphasis.Molding reflects the visual aesthetic and psychological aesthetic needs of modern consumers seeking novelty,novelty and interest,and helps the public to understand the woodblock New Year painting culture more intuitively and in-depth.Finally,the current Yangjiabu woodblock New Year pictures cultural and creative products are investigated and analyzed,and the way of questionnaire survey is used to grasp the consumer's cognition and purchase demand of New Year's graphic cultural and creative products.Summarize the problem of slow development of current cultural and creative products of woodblock New Year pictures,pave the way for the innovation of "Guo Chao" New Year pictures cultural and creative products,and get the design strategy of woodblock New Year pictures cultural and creative products.It is hoped that it can meet people's emotional appeal and aesthetic needs,so that people have a deep understanding of the pattern beauty and formal beauty of Yangjiabu woodblock New Year pictures,and contribute to the sustainable development of intangible cultural heritage,folk traditional arts,folk custom protection and handicrafts.
Keywords/Search Tags:Yangjiabu woodblock New Year pictures, intangible cultural heritage, cultural and creative products, "national tide" cultural and creative
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