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An E-C Translation Report On See What You Made Me Do(Chapter Two)

Posted on:2022-07-06Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:W Y YangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2505306509457364Subject:Translation Master
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The source text is Chapter 2 of See What You Made Me Do by Australian investigative journalist Jesse Hill.It mainly focuses on the underground and abusive women who have been subjected to domestic violence and it radically rethinks how to confront domestic abuse in our homes.The source text is a work about domestic violence,and there are many difficulties in the process of translation.The difficulties can be divided into three levels: lexical,syntactical and textual and they are mainly including the choice of polysemous words;translation of long and difficult sentences;how to translate dialogues in the source text to conform to Chinese habits.The corresponding translation methods and strategies can solve these problems accordingly.In this translation report,the author chooses(1)transliteration method to translate proper nouns;(2)word meaning extension method to select the most suitable word to match with the source text;(3)following the original syntactic order and reinventing sentence structures to deal with the problem of long and compound sentences;(4)retaining source text style are used to solve the translation problems encountered in textual level.The ultimate goal of this translation report is to try to draw close to Chinese habits so as to facilitate the understanding of Chinese readers.Therefore,the translation of such texts plays an important role in enlightening Chinese readers' realization about domestic violence.The author tries to use a lot of translation methods in order to make the translation expressive and elegant on the basis of faithful source text.
Keywords/Search Tags:See What You Made Me Do, word meaning extension, reinventing sentence structures, text style
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