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A Study On The Influence Of Continuation Task On English Writing Anxiety In Senior High School

Posted on:2021-09-15Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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English teaching focuses on cultivating learners' skills,such as listening,speaking,reading and writing.Among them,the ability of “writing” is extremely important.In recent years,more and more experts have dedicated to the research on English writing teaching.And Professor Wang Chuming advocates the use of continuation task in English writing teaching.It is a method to improve English writing by combining reading comprehension.It combines language input with language output,and creates chances for language imitation and language creation.In addition to learning the language,learners also strengthen the effective use of language.The study of continuation task has received wide attention and achieved some results.However,at present,the study of continuation task mainly focuses on the analysis of students' compositions.There are few studies on the emotional factors of students.In view of this,this research links continuation task and writing anxiety,and further explores the influence of continuation task on high school students' English writing performance and writing anxiety.Based on the Input Theory,the Output Theory and the Interactive Alignment Theory,with the participation of 100 students,this study is carried out.The whole study lasts 14 weeks.Methods of experiment,questionnaire and interview are used to try to explore the following two research questions:(1)Whether continuation task has an influence on English writing scores of students in senior high school?(2)Can continuation task relieve their English writing anxiety?The research results show that: through training,there is a great difference in students' writing performances between the control class and the experimental class.From the analysis of pretest,we can find that these two classes had close writing scores.However,according to the results of post-test,the average score of students in the experimental class is higher than that of students in the control class.This means that the continuation task can effectively improve English writing scores of students in senior high school.Secondly,it can be seen from the questionnaires and the interview that before the experiment,the students in both classes had some anxiety about English writing.Quite a few students thought they were not interested in English writing.When asked to write a composition,the students often felt nervous,anxious and even fearful.However,after the experiment,students' English writing anxiety is alleviated,especially the anxiety level of students in the experimental class which has decreased significantly.This shows that the continuation task is conducive to reducing students' English writing anxiety.Although the results indicate that the continuation task has a significant positive effect on students' English writing and the alleviation of writing anxiety,there are still some deficiencies in this research.Considering this,the writer of this paper provides some suggestions.It is hoped that the present study will help to further improve students' writing skills and proficiency.
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