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On The Expression Of Subjective Emotion Consciousness In Print Creation

Posted on:2021-01-24Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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In addition to the identity of an artist as an artist,the artist first exists as an individual living in the modern society.As a person living in the modern society,the artist's thinking,cognition and behavior will inevitably be affected by all the status quo.In real life,because of the different experience,background,personality and so on factors,perception of the outside world things are certainly will there is a difference,the difference is caused by emotional awareness of everybody is different,so the artist to express ideas,through the artistic creation and the differences between individual thought achievement in different style of art.At the same time,different artists will use different media to create their own creation,so there are different art forms.However,no matter what the form of artistic creation is,for the artistic creators,creation itself can be said to be a process of constantly affirming and denying itself.In other words,in the process of creation,subjective emotional awareness affects the process of creation all the time.That is to say,the creation of artistic works is inseparable from the creator's own expression of subjective emotion and consciousness.And the creation of art is another form of self-expression,because the creator is describing his own behavior in the world,or things related to the world.Artists,as the creators of artistic works,can be said to be the masters of creating art.Therefore,art,as a mode of emotional expression,can also be said to be the portrayal and miniature of the feelings of the creators from a certain point of view,carrying the emotional expression of the artists themselves.
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