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A Translation Report On The Equations Of Life:How Astrophysics Shapes Evolution(Excerpts) Based On Peter Newmark's Communicative Translation

Posted on:2022-03-16Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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This translation source text is excerpted from Chapter One and Chapter Three of the book The Equations of Life: How Astrophysics Shapes Evolution.Chapter One is committed to the relationship between life and astrophysics,and Chapter Three is dedicated to the physics about a ladybug.The language of the source text is humorous and interesting,and the writing style is impressive and fascinating,which is readable for the readers.In order to make readers not only feel the humor of the original text,but also understand the scientific accuracy of the original text,the translator chooses Newmark's communicative translation theory as theoretical guidance of this translation practice.From the levels of vocabulary,syntax and text,various translation methods are used to translate the professional words,passive voice,long difficult sentences and logical relations in the text,aiming to make target language readers receive accurate information and get the same reading experience as source language readers.This report consists of five parts,including task description,translation process,translation theory,case analysis and report summary.Chapter One briefly introduces the background,translation significance and difficulties.Chapter Two describes the text topology and communicative translation theory and highlights the reasons to choose communicative translation theory as the theoretical guidance.Chapter Three comprehensively illustrates translation preparation,implementation of translation process and quality control.Chapter Four elaborates the case analysis based on communicative translation theory.Chapter Five is a summary about this practice.
Keywords/Search Tags:popular science translation, communication translation theory, source language readers, target language readers
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