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The Influence Of Cooperative Learning On The English Continuation Task Writing Of Senior High School Students

Posted on:2022-05-23Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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The development of writing skills in senior high school has aroused the interest of many scholars.Traditional methods of teaching writing concentrate too heavily on the language itself,for instance,the spelling of words and the application of vocabulary and grammar,etc.Traditional writing teaching is low in efficiency,students are often feeling anxious when facing English writing and their writing performance is not improved.In2012,Professor Wang Chuming proposed “continuation task”,and in 2016,it was first introduced in the English examination paper of Zhejiang Province.As a mode of writing that combines reading and writing,input and output,the teaching of continuation task writing emphasizes the imitation and the innovation of students have learned.This research tries to integrate the continuation task writing with cooperative learning,to investigate the impact of cooperative learning on English continuation task writing anxiety and performance in senior high school,which pay attention to students' levels of writing anxiety and writing performance.The major research questions are:1.What is the influence of cooperative learning on students' writing anxiety in English continuation task writing after its used in senior high school?2.What is the influence of cooperative learning on students' performance in English continuation task writing after its used in senior high school?This study was conducted from September 2020 to January 2021,and the whole experiment lasted for a semester.Students from class 3 and class 5 in the second year of senior high school affiliated to Nanchang school were selected as the research subject.The experimental class was taught by cooperative method and control class was taught by traditional writing teaching method.The students' levels were comparable before the experiment,and the common teacher taught English in both classes.September as the experimental preparation period,the last week of the September was a pre-test,which consisted of a questionnaire and a pre-test of writing.From October 2020 to January 2021,this period as an experimental cycle,six continuation task writing training lessons were conducted.After the cooperative learning research,last week in semester used for the experimental post-test.The post-test was conducted in both the experimental and control classes and using the same questionnaire again.In addition to the different teaching methods,keep consistent in other aspects of teaching,such as progress and content.Through interviews with students,questionnaires,analysis of writing anxiety levels and writing performance in the pre-test and post-test,descriptive statistics,independent samples t-tests and paired samples t-tests were carried out on the students' writing anxiety levels and English continuation task writing performance in both classes by using SPSS25.0 software.The results of the data from the study concluded that:(1)Cooperative learning can relieve English continuation task writing anxiety in senior high school.(2)Cooperative learning can bring positive influence for continuation task writing performance in senior high school.Although this experiment achieved the expected results,there were some limitations:for example,the experiment was short,the number of student participation were insufficient and etc.The results of the experiment would have been more convincing if it had lasted longer and had a larger number of studies.This study has pedagogical implications for the practical feasibility of teaching steps and for the teaching of continuation task writing.
Keywords/Search Tags:English writing, Cooperative learning, Continuation task writing, Writing anxiety, Writing performance
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