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An Analysis Of Folk Culture Translation From The Perspective Of Text Typology A Report On The Translation Of Life And Culture In Traditional Chinese Villages (Excerpt)

Posted on:2022-11-01Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:X JiangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2505306608492214Subject:Administration Science and National Administration
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Folk culture keeps alive the sense of belonging among a community in a rapidly changing world.Folk culture translation enables us to learn about each other's traditions regardless of language barriers and brings unity to humanity.This thesis is a translation report that examines folk culture translation from the perspective of Newmark's text typology and aims to explore appropriate translation methods for different types of folk culture texts.The source text is taken from Life and Culture in Traditional Chinese Villages,a published monograph written by Hu Binbin and Wu Can.The target text is translated by the author and has been proofread and revised for quality control.Prior to case analysis,the report gives a brief introduction to the translation task,the source text,and this translation report.It also presents the whole translation process including preparation before translation,translation schedule,and translation quality control.The report then reviews previous studies on Chinese folk culture translation and Peter Newmark's text typology as well as related studies in China.Based on Newmark's categorization of text types,this report analyzes three main types of folk culture texts and discusses translation methods on a case-by-case basis.Newmark argues that semantic translation is used for expressive texts,and communicative for informative and vocative texts.The examples examined in this report indicate that the translation methods proposed by Newmark for different text types are generally applicable to the translation of different types of folk culture texts:expressive texts mainly adopt semantic translation,while informative and expressive texts embrace communicative translation in general.For each type of folk culture texts,case analysis leads to different findings.The findings will be applied to improve the overall translation quality of the target text.It is hoped that they may also give new insights into future folk culture translation practice.
Keywords/Search Tags:folk culture, text typology, semantic translation, communicative translation
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