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"Emotions From Composition":the Influence Of Compositional Language On Image Expression In The Graduation Creation "The Shackles Of Love"

Posted on:2022-11-16Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Contemporary Chinese painters,on the basis of absorbing and drawing on the theory of constructivism,combined it with the traditional Chinese painting language,and carried out a new journey of research and exploration of the creation of modern Chinese painting.However,in the creations of many Chinese painters,the combination of constructivism and image expression is often superficial,and the spiritual connotation and humanistic spirit of the works are still insufficient.By combining unity and change,weight and balance,rhythm and rhythm,space and division,and image expression of character modeling in the constitutive language,this paper attempts to shape the characters by seeking a combination of constitutive language and image expression to show their inner feelings.Emotional changes,which in turn reflect the current situation of abnormal development of children's family education in today's society.Call on the audience to respect children's personality and pay attention to the natural liberation of individual children,so as to promote their healthy growth.
Keywords/Search Tags:Chinese painting, emotion, constitutive language, image expression
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