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An Analysis Of The Quest For Female Identity In The Diviners From The Perspective Of Space Theory

Posted on:2022-12-12Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Margaret Laurence was one of the most important female writers during Canadian literary renaissance period.She fictionalized the Canadian prairie town Manawaka based on her hometown Neepawa,and wrote four novels and a collection of short stories based on Manawaka.The Manawaka series were deeply loved by readers,and it has established Lawrence's status in Canadian literary world.She even won Canadian Governor General's Literary Awards for her novel “A Jest of God”.As the last one of the Manawaka series,The Diviners answered the question of the heroines in the previous works about life,including how to survive in a harsh environment and what was the meaning of life.In The Diviners,Lawrence encouraged women to be brave enough to be themselves.And she also encouraged them to keep trying in order to construct their own identities.This thesis will analyze The Diviners with space theory by means of close reading of the text.The importance of space has been overlooked.Until 1990 s,it came into people's view due to the cultural spatial turn.Morag kept flowing in space and exploring her own identity.Finally she completed the construction of her identity.This thesis will explore the important influence of space on the identity of Morag from three aspects including physical space,social space and mental space.This thesis aims at appealing to modern women to get rid of the shackles of space and be themselves.This thesis consists of three parts including introduction,main body and conclusion.The first part is the introduction.In this part,Margaret Lawrence,The Diviners,and space theory will be briefly introduced.Meanwhile,this part will summarize and sort out the research status of The Diviners at home and abroad.The purpose and significance of the research will be also clarified in this part.The second part is the main body of this thesis.The second part will be divided into three chapters,mainly analyzing the important influence of space on the process of the identity construction.The first chapter will analyze Morag's searching for identity in physical space.Morag has moved in physical space three times.The first journey was leaving her hometown.The second journey was from Manawaka to Toronto.And the third one was from Vancouver to London and to Mc Connell farm after she left Toronto.During the three spatial flows,she has gone through the process of seeking for herself,recognizing herself and finally accepting herself.The second chapter will explore the resistance of Morag in social space.During the growth of Morag,she encountered the oppression from both the upper class and the patriarchal society,but she did not lower her head.On the contrary,she spoke up bravely,and used her pen as the weapon to fight for her own wonderful life.The third chapter will analyze the transformation occurred in the mental space of Morag.At the beginning,influenced by the complex and harsh environment,Morag struggled.In the process of the constant spatial flow,the spatial awareness of Morag was awakened,and she gradually understood the importance of a space of her own.Meanwhile,she gradually became independent,and finally constructed a mature mental space,and then completed her own identity construction.The third part is the conclusion.This part will summarize and analyze the reasons of Morag's successful construction of identity.The reasons mainly include the following three parts.First,Morag breaks down the boundaries between physical spaces and searches for her identity during her flowing in space.Second,she didn't surrender but rose up to fight when she faced with the class oppression and patriarchal oppression in social space.Third,she organizes her thoughts through her writing talent and eventually grows into a mentally mature woman with an independent mind.Meanwhile,the insufficiency of this thesis will be explained in this part.In modern society,women have to face various challenges from family and workplace.On the one hand,they have to play the role as good wives and mothers,and take good care of their families.On the other hand,their work also requires them to be serious and devoted.When faced with these thorny issues at the same time,they may lose themselves.Through the exploration of identity issues,this thesis aims to provide a way of thinking for women who felt trapped.Women can find their true selves in the constant flow in space complete in order to accomplish their identity construction.
Keywords/Search Tags:space theory, physical space, social space, mental space, identity
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