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Research And Practice On Metaphorical Expression Of Self-emotion In Contemporary Claborate-style Painting

Posted on:2022-11-06Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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As the wave of global economic integration sweeps through China,the intersection and collision of technology,culture and art has prompted people to constantly pursue a new visual aesthetic.People's love for traditional aesthetics is increasingly susceptible to the impact of current fragmented visual information,so in the new era of personalised development trends,artists have a need to express themselves more actively in their artworks.Emotion,as the artist's self-expression,has always been both the primary expression of art and the core and foundation of artworks.In the artist's creative process,"metaphor" is one of the ways that artists like to express their emotions and highlight their personal style.The author is concerned about the tendency of some contemporary painters to express self-expression metaphorically in their works,and so this paper examines the inner meaning of self-expression metaphorically in contemporary brush painting by systematically collating theoretical literature,as well as interviews with painters,exhibitions and picture books.In this way,it is shown that the content expressed by the use of metaphor in contemporary Chinese brushwork is developed on the basis of the artist's self-emotions,which are: the recreated metaphorical expression of traditional cultural symbols,the cathartic metaphorical expression of inner emotions and ideologies,and the empathic metaphorical expression of the community of life.The first half of the thesis is a general overview and summary of previous metaphorical theories and expressions,while the second part is a practical approach to the metaphorical expressions of self-expression in detail.Combining her own creative experience and thoughts on women's living space,she attempts to create her work in a metaphorical way,analysing the design of the 'bondage' element and the characters' image under the different stages of emotional expression during her postgraduate studies.The paper also examines the selection and practice of techniques in composition,colour arrangement and the use of texture,and uses these techniques to further maximise the metaphorical expression of one's emotions.Through a study of the metaphorical expression of the self by artists in contemporary brushwork,this paper attempts to show that metaphor can be not only an applicable way of expressing emotion in brushwork,but also a means of reflection on real life,philosophical expression and psychological healing.On the basis of this,they also find their own creative style by linking their own emotions to the picture and creating a series of works using metaphorical expressions.
Keywords/Search Tags:Self-emotion, Metaphorical expression, Traditional Chinese realistic painting figures
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