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An English-Chinese Translation Report On Our Vanishing Wild Life:Its Extermination And Preservation(Excerpt From Chapters 1-3)

Posted on:2022-11-21Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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The source text of the English-Chinese translation practice report is selected from Chapters 1 to 3 of Our Vanishing Wild Life: Its Extermination and Preservation,written by American writer William Temple Hornaday in 1913.The genre of the book is Documentary Literature.In the original text,the writer uses many years of research results and data on wildlife extinction and protection and a collection of historical documents to cooperate with appropriate description and analysis,trying to warn and appeal to readers to reflect and pay attention to such ecological protection problems.The style of the original text focuses on simplicity and preciseness.This report first introduces the background,purpose of the practice and overall structure of the report.Secondly,according to the order of pre-translation preparation,translating and post translation,the report analyzes the information of the original writer and the text,as well as the translation tools used in practice and final proofreading.In addition,the report focuses on the difficulties encountered by the translator in the process of translation practice and the translation methods used,mainly from the three levels.The difficulties at the lexical level include the translation of polysemous words and proper nouns,which are solved by three methods: selection of word meaning,partof-speech conversion and semantic extension;The syntactic difficulties include the translation of attributive clauses and compound-complex sentences,which are solved by amplification,division and combination,reinventing sentence structures;The problems of semantic coherence and logical coherence in context are solved by means of conjunction and reference.Finally,the translator reviews the translation practice,summarizes its limitations and puts forward some suggestions.Through this practice,the translator has accumulated certain translation experience in the translation of reportage texts,hoping to provide some help for translators involved in the translation of similar texts in the future.In addition,the translation level also needs to be further perfected,and the translator still needs to improve the writing level and enrich the interdisciplinary knowledge reserve.In a word,good translation practice should choose appropriate translation methods to improve the quality of translation after in-depth study and analysis of the original text.
Keywords/Search Tags:Our Vanishing Wild Life: Its Extermination and Preservation, Documentary Literature, Reinventing sentence structures, Semantic extension, Conjunction
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