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An E-C Translation Report On Later(Chapters 1-10)

Posted on:2022-11-15Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:X H ZhangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2505306782959249Subject:Foreign Language
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The first 10 chapters of the novel Later are excerpted as the main translation material of the translation practice.It is the introduction to the background information of this novel.The fictitious and suspenseful content in this novel can attract readers? interest in reading,and this novel is of high literary value in writing style.This translation practice report mainly analyzes the translation difficulties encountered in the translation process,and the translation methods being used to solve these difficulties,which mainly come from lexical level and syntactic level.The difficulties at lexical level mainly include the translation of some unusual lexical collocations,polysemy,initialisms and proper nouns.The translator solved these problems at lexical level by using the translation methods of shift,semantic selection,semantic extension,literal translation and annotation,which are presented in the form of case analysis.The problems at syntactic level mainly include the translation of fragments,short sentences and complex sentences.The translator solved these translation difficulties at syntactic level by using the translation methods of turning phrases into clauses,addition,reinventing sentence structures,omission and free translation,which are also presented in the form of case analysis.By using these translation methods,the translator solved the difficulties encountered in the translation process.Then the translator wrote this translation practice report under such circumstances.Finally,the translator also summarized the gains and limitations of this translation practice and put forward suggestions for the future translation practice.The translation practice is of great significance to help the translator accumulate translation experience and improve translation competence.
Keywords/Search Tags:Later, semantic extension, literal translation, addition, reinventing sentence structures
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