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Coping Strategies For Logic Confusion Of Target Language From The Perspective Of Communicative Translation Theory ——A Practice Report On Simulated Consecutive Interpreting Of MOOC Walk Into Entrepreneurship

Posted on:2022-11-05Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:H X ZhaoFull Text:PDF
GTID:2505306782969619Subject:Translation Master
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The national quality MOOC “Walk into Entrepreneurship” is a basic course on entrepreneurship taught by Wang Ziqiang and Tao Xiangnan from Nanjing University.By sharing real entrepreneurial cases,the teachers analyze the key problems and solutions faced by entrepreneurial enterprises in their growth processes,such as products and customers,entrepreneurial teams,and entrepreneurial financing,providing effective experience for college students' entrepreneurial activities.Interpreting this course is conducive to convey to the world the importance that Chinese higher education attaches to entrepreneurship education,to spread the concept and practice of innovation and entrepreneurship of Chinese college students,and to enhance the international influence of Chinese higher education.Consecutive interpreting is one of the most common types of interpreting.Whether the interpreters can generate the accurate,complete and logical target language influences both the quality of interpreting and the result of communicative activity.Under the guidance of Newmark's communicative translation theory,this practice report on simulated consecutive interpreting focuses on the logic of target language and specifically analyzes the reasons for the logic confusion in the target language: the first reason is the implication of connectives in the source language,including the implication of logical conjunctions and the implication of subject of clauses;the second reason is the structural differences between Chinese and English sentence patterns,including verbs being used more frequently in source language and the sentence structure being loose in source language;the third reason is the dense information in source language,including frequent subject changes and repetitive information.In view of the above reasons and combining with Chinese-English bilingual analysis,this thesis proposes coping strategies to solve the problem of logic confusion in the target language.These coping strategies including: adding conjunctions,manifesting pronouns,changing word class,adjusting word order and the methods of restructuring and omission.By applying Newmark's communicative translation theory,this thesis puts forward the reasons and coping strategies of the logic confusion in the target language,aiming to improve the logic of the target language in Chinese-English consecutive interpreting.This practice is excepted to provide a reference for interpreting activities about innovation and entrepreneurship as well as enterprise management.
Keywords/Search Tags:Simulated consecutive interpreting, Newmark, Communicative translation theory, The logic of target language, Coping strategies
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