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Research On Consumer Rights Protection Of Commercial Prepaid Cards

Posted on:2021-04-23Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:J XuFull Text:PDF
GTID:2506306038968609Subject:Economic Law
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Since the 1990 s,China has entered the era of in-depth development of market economy.At this time,the mode of economic development has changed dramatically.In this context,the consumption mode of commercial prepaid card seized the opportunity to develop rapidly,from germination to being accepted and widely used by the public.The win-win result brought by commercial prepaid card to consumers and operators is an important reason for its recognition in a very short time.However,there are two sides to everything.Commercial prepaid cards not only bring benefits to both sides of the transaction,but also increase the capital risk of consumers.And because of the late emergence of commercial prepaid cards in China,the matching laws and regulations are not perfect,not to form a standardized legal system,resulting in the development of legal regulations far behind the deve lopment of commercial prepaid cards.This paper studies the consumer protection of commercial prepaid cards.First of all,from the concept of commercial prepaid card and its features and functions,this paper analyzes the particularity of consumer protection of commercial prepaid card.Secondly,by combing the legal provisions in the field of commercial prepaid cards in terms of consumer protection,this paper analyzes the existing problems in consumer protection of commercial prepaid cards,including the lack of pertinence and systematization of legislation,the separation of administrative law enforcement from reality,and the difficulty of judicial relief measures to meet the needs.Then through the study of the United States,Japan and China's Taiwan as the representative of different regulatory characteristics of countries and regions of the relevant legal system,and make a feasibility analysis of its application in C hina.Finally,combined with the specific situation of our country,some suggestions are put forward to improve the protection of consumers' rights and interests of commercial prepaid cards,including improving the level of relevant laws and regulations,introducing targeted laws and regulations,establishing the credit evaluation system and declaration and registration system in the card issuing process,strengthening the information disclosure and supervision of prepaid funds in the card using process,improving the existing judicial solutions and making full use of them We should use the mediation function of consumer associations,establish commercial prepaid card compensation fund and insurance compensation system to strengthen the rights and interests of consumers.
Keywords/Search Tags:Commercial prepaid card, Consumer rights protection, Market access, Information disclosure, Advance payment supervision
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